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Use the Cloud to Up Your Operational Reporting Game

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With economic volatility, geo-political unrest, and supply chain disruptions all stubbornly impacting global markets, traditional processes are giving way to new processes. Enter operational reporting, the change agent in our story.

In the past year alone, a staggering 66% of IT decision-makers have witnessed a surge in requests for operational reports. Recent findings highlight the increasing importance of operational reporting and the significant impact it has on organizations. Astonishingly, more than two-thirds (71%) of IT departments, accounting, finance, operations, and project management professionals spend an entire day every week dedicated to preparing operational reports. This is a huge investment of time and resources.

The demands on companies are increasing, and as the landscape continues to evolve, they must find better ways to meet growing reporting requirements while minimizing the resource drain.

How does your company avoid such time-consuming processes? Follow along as we discuss moving your data to the cloud to save time, improve results, and make life easier for your operational reporting team.

Challenges with Existing Operational Reporting Tools

Oracle Cloud users love having easy access to real-time data when creating operational reports, but there are some downsides to the native ERP reporting tools.

  • Reporting is slow. Building custom reports takes time. Out-of-the-box reporting rarely covers specific organizational needs when it comes to operational reporting. The burden of creating and modifying these reports falls on IT, resulting in long lead times for custom-built reports and a lack of operational visibility for the organization.
  • Reporting is complex. Creating custom operational reports with Oracle Cloud applications requires deep technical knowledge and skill. Organizations must understand how to extract complex data on a regular cadence and present the reporting to end users to manipulate through an interactive BI tool.
  • Reporting is inflexible. Out-of-the-box reporting is inflexible. It’s hard to quickly grasp the meaning of operational data when it’s presented in a tabular form that has no real interactivity or drill-down capability to be able to analyze and investigate issues and variances. Users struggle to tailor reports to fulfill the needs of their audience, and they require deep technical expertise to be able to self-serve.

Enhance Your Cloud Experience With Angles Enterprise for Oracle Cloud Applications

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Discover the Power of Your Data in the Cloud

There is a wealth of insights locked within your ERP system. From financial accounting and manufacturing to supply chain management and human resources, your ERP system is the central nervous system that keeps your operations running smoothly.

Amidst this data lies an opportunity. By harnessing the power of this data, you can unlock valuable insights, make informed decisions, and propel your business to new heights. It’s time to unleash the full potential of your enterprise by harnessing the data-driven future that awaits you—the cloud.

To achieve this, you need the right tool that balances out the shortcomings of your ERP system and its native reporting tools. You need a solution that works in harmony with your ERP, giving you access to all relevant data with intuitive functionality to help you report on it.

Think More Clearly with Angles’ Oracle Cloud Smarts

Angles for Oracle provides enterprises using Oracle Business Applications with the power of continuous operational insights and strategic analytics, helping users outthink and outmaneuver the competition. Angles for Oracle delivers a powerful data model, library of pre-built, no code business reports and robust process analytics engine. Unlock the power of your enterprise data and gain actionable insights to make decisions with confidence in an uncertain and quickly changing world. Angles for Oracle includes integrations for Oracle EBS and Cloud Applications, provides support for cloud deployments, and delivers an intuitive user interface to help simplify workflows and foster collaboration between data scientists and business users.

Angles hosts our Oracle Cloud Smarts – insightsoftware’s library of easily accessible pre-built content, including business views and dashboards purpose-built for Oracle Cloud applications. This content is ready to use out of the box and can be easily customized as needed. Oracle Cloud Smarts gives you a fast start with content that is fully compliant with Oracle’s quarterly upgrades and always up to date. Our rich visualizations, including tabular and pivot reporting, are ideal for presenting operational reporting data.

Choose your solution: Angles Enterprise or Professional for Oracle

Angles for Oracle comes in two flavors, Angles Enterprise or Angles Professional, offering different functionality for the varied operational data needs we see in the market.

  • Angles Enterprise for Oracle delivers a context-aware, process-rich business data model, a library of 1,800 pre-built, no-code business reports, and a high-performance process analytics engine for Oracle Business Applications, including EBS and OCA (and allows for multiple instances). This integrated solution helps your team unlock their enterprise data and deliver actionable insights to support decisiveness in an uncertain and quickly changing world.
  • Angles Professional for Oracle provides rapid answers to critical business questions, including those you can’t answer today from your ERP Cloud solution. The ability to drill down in any report from summary to transaction level to find and fix issues quickly. Your users can work with a tool that gives them control of operational reporting because it understands your team’s ERP and connects directly to their source data, supplying up-to-date information for informed decisions.

Set up your demo today to see if Angles Enterprise or Professional is right for your Oracle-based team!

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