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Staying On-Prem With Oracle EBS? We Have You Covered

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The ERP cloud migration is in full swing. However, many organizations are choosing to keep their on-premises ERPs, like Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), despite the shortcomings of these legacy systems. While on-prem ERPs offer greater control, customization and independence, cloud ERPs are significantly easier to modify as your business scales and better enable a collaborative remote workforce.

Organizations staying with on-prem have likely invested countless hours into setting up their systems and the change management efforts surrounding cloud migration might not seem worth the payoff. The risk of cloud ERP implementation delays and the associated negative effects to productivity are enough to cause most business leaders to hesitate.

On-Prem Key Challenges

For finance and operations teams that work at organizations choosing to stay on-prem, there are a couple of key challenges:

  1. Complex customization: Customizing Oracle EBS for financial and operational reporting can be a complex and time-consuming process. It requires expertise in Oracle EBS modules, database structures, and reporting tools. Customizing reports to meet specific business requirements may involve extensive configuration and development efforts, potentially leading to longer implementation timelines and increased costs.
  2. Limited real-time reporting: Oracle EBS, particularly older versions, may have limitations in providing real-time reporting capabilities. This can negatively impact the timeliness and responsiveness of reporting activities.
  3. Dependency on IT resources: Creating, modifying, or maintaining reports within Oracle EBS often requires technical expertise and involvement from IT teams or developers. Financial and operational reporting teams may need to rely on IT personnel for report customization, data modeling, or resolving technical issues.
  4. Limited accessibility and collaboration: Accessing reporting tools and data may be restricted to the organization’s internal network, limiting remote access and collaboration among distributed teams. This can hinder the ability to work effectively across different locations or accommodate remote work scenarios.

Thankfully, by integrating the right reporting tool, you can circumvent many of these traditional EBS challenges and achieve much of the functionality you would get from a cloud ERP.

Struggling with Reporting from Oracle EBS? Get the Most from Your Investment

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Enjoy a Fast, Flexible On-Prem Experience with Angles for Oracle

Angles Enterprise for Oracle delivers a context-aware, process-rich business data model, a library of 1,800 pre-built, no-code business reports, and a high-performance process analytics engine for Oracle Business Applications, including EBS and OCA. Here are some ways that Angles for Oracle can enhance your on-prem experience:

  1. Intuitive Customization – Users can quickly and securely access the content they need, and administrators can customize views and access from within a single application.
  2. Real-time Data Access – Gain real-time access to all your enterprise data regardless of its source
  3. Single Source of Truth – Global Views delivers a single set of views for each system, a single source of truth.

TaylorMade Golf Gets Enhanced Value With Real-Time Data and Analytics

A familiar user of Angles and its predecessor over the years, David Damitz, BI Architect with TaylorMade Gold Company, has seen the data landscape and analytics evolve. His Oracle EBS users wanted more real-time data, and they needed it faster than ever. From purchasing receipts to accounting and GL transactions, getting real-time data in a hurry was a must. To this end, having the analytics component that Angles Enterprise delivers has been a huge win for his team.

“They do things like credit checks and holds where they need to analyze data on a more real-time basis. But when we’re talking about how our products are selling, and how our customers are doing, and how we’re doing on collections and things like that, those usually don’t have much of a real-time need. That’s where we use the analytics side of Angles, when we’re able to do multiple loads throughout the day and pull that data out of EBS into our data warehouse. And that allows us to use a data warehouse that’s been optimized for reporting purposes. That has given us really good performance, real consistency throughout the years.”

Damitz has seen first-hand how Angles Enterprise for Oracle is the right solution for EBS users. Angles removed manual data processes and boosted confidence in analysis among Damitz’s team, who are operational reporting users. It has saved his team hours of repetitive work. They can spend this time on other projects that provide value across the organization. Moving forwards, these users will look to take advantage of deeper Angles Enterprise for Oracle features that will extend their operational analysis.

“As we look to the future of our use of data, and in particular the use of Angles, we’ve implemented a new cloud-based data warehouse that we are just starting to understand and see the benefits of,” said Damitz. “We want to start to leverage that more and more in the analytics space. If another organization was considering Angles among other solutions for their reporting needs, particularly from Oracle EBS, I would definitely encourage them to look into the product.”

Make Angles Enterprise Your On-Prem Choice

Angles Enterprise provides purpose-built financial and operational reporting products for Oracle EBS with pre-built templates that significantly reduce IT’s reporting burden. insightsoftware solutions provide compelling alternatives to help speed up on-demand reporting, support insights to drive business growth, and help business leaders make important decisions accurately.

Here’s what Angles Enterprise for Oracle delivers:

  • Seamless integration with cloud Data Warehouse targets
  • Centralized management of on-premises and cloud reports and analytics
  • Cloud accessible web portal for streamlined user self-service

Angles Enterprise for Oracle pairs its Views (reporting tools) with operational analytics and business intelligence (data warehouse for securely accessing BI data). Both capabilities support Oracle EBS and OCA ERPs, or a hybrid set up of the two.

Watch Our On-Demand Webinar on the Angles Enterprise On-Prem Experience

Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on Oracle EBS to help manage their businesses, enhance decision making, lower costs, and boost corporate performance. Finance teams like yours are key EBS users, the people responsible for overseeing all things financial for the business.

Angles Enterprise for Oracle provides EBS users with the right reporting solution for their finance team’s needs. Dive into our on-demand webinar to discover what your options are when keeping your financial and operational reporting on-prem.

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Staying on Oracle EBS? Maximize Your On-Premises Potential

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