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Real-Time Data Drives Reporting Success With Wands for Oracle

insightsoftware -
November 14, 2023

insightsoftware is a global provider of reporting, analytics, and performance management solutions, empowering organizations to unlock business data and transform the way finance and data teams operate.

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In today’s data-driven world, having accurate, timely insights into data is critical. When your operational and financial reporting teams are extracting and transforming Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) data, it can be a complex, cumbersome task and they need a way to handle data that empowers them to overcome reporting obstacles. They need data that meets security and compliance thresholds, not inaccurate data that hampers the organization’s goals.

To get there with your EBS reporting data, your team needs a tool that provides self-service access and insight into your data so you can work better and faster without relying on IT to transform your reporting data.

Outdated EBS Data Dragging Your Reporting Down?

Outdated Oracle data slams the brakes on your reporting teams’ efficiency. Poor data compromises your decision accuracy, resource allocation, responsiveness, customer satisfaction, and it leads to missed opportunities and compliance risks. Digging into the top four drawbacks of using outdated EBS data you will see your team is:

  • Working long hours to hit month-end close targets: Your most valuable resources are spending too much time copying and pasting to compile or reconcile the information they need.
  • Leaning too hard on IT: Oracle’s native tools are far from finance friendly. Reports and dashboards lack the self-service features your finance team needs to do their job efficiently, because they require deep technical knowledge of EBS.
  • Vulnerable to manual error-prone data consolidation: Your data should never be flawed, but manual processes increase the risk of human error. Those inaccurate reports impact your business success because critical decisions demand accuracy.
  • Squeezed by limited analysis: Pulling anything outside of a pre-defined report generally requires sending a ticket to IT. This is compounded when transactions are spread across multitudes of tables and when drilldowns to transactional data are slow and manual. Users need to go in and out of individual reports to get specific data they are looking for.

Access to Real-Time Data Can Revolutionize Your Reporting

To sidestep the negative effects of outdated data, your reporting tool should prioritize data quality, accuracy, and timeliness. Getting regular data updates, validation, and maintenance via your reporting solution are also essential to ensure that the data you rely on remains current, easy to access, and reliable.

Your Oracle reporting teams need a powerful solution that tackles a multitude of reporting challenges faced with EBS. To succeed, they need a tool that simplifies the complex process of data retrieval, making it easier to extract and manipulate information from Oracle EBS databases. Whether it’s ensuring data security and compliance, enabling real-time reporting, or facilitating self-service reporting for non-technical users, your team deserves a platform that offers a comprehensive set of features, including dynamic dashboards.

With the right tool for data aggregation, governance, and mobile reporting, your reporting teams would be empowered to harness the full potential of your data and deliver meaningful insights through efficient, accurate, and user-friendly reports. Access to real-time Oracle EBS data can revolutionize your reporting processes, leveraging critical business decision-making.

Easy Excel Based Reporting Built for Oracle EBS

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Gain the Real-Time, Accurate Data You Need With Wands for Oracle

Wands for Oracle puts an end to outdated data roadblocks for Oracle EBS customers by automating manual processes to provide fast, flexible ad-hoc inquiries, regular reports, exception reports, and visualizations. Wands streamlines the entire reporting workflow by seamlessly integrating with popular reporting and visualization tools, optimizing query performance, and fostering collaboration among team members.

Leveraging Wands’ deep understanding of Oracle EBS, users can escape the limitations of native EBS reports, that don’t cover finance’s needs, by accessing pre-built reports or easily creating your own, with minimal IT support. Reports are available in real-time with filtering and drill-down to journals, balances and subledger accounting to speed up reconciliations and enable interim reporting to check status and outliers.

Wands for Oracle empowers finance teams by seamlessly integrating with EBS, enabling effortless, on-the-fly report creation with your existing Excel expertise. What your Oracle reporting teams get:

  • Real-time, drillable financial reporting through Excel to help you close the books faster.
  • Fast time to value, pre-built content, and lack of dependency on IT.
  • ERPsmarts that understand your financial data.
  • Simple process to manage report distribution with Report Distribution Manager (RDM).
  • Wands for Oracle also has a 94% customer retention rate and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Check out our on-demand webinar here to see if insightsoftware’s Wands for Oracle is the right fit for your operational and financial Oracle EBS reporting teams.

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Real-Time Data = Real-Time Success

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