Preparing for Your Company’s Future Growth

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February 14, 2021

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Pain Point: My business is rapidly growing, and I’m struggling to keep up. What can I do?

Solution: Adopt a modern analytics solution capable of scaling with your company while progressively improving your application.

It’s a frustrating experience to build and stage an application only to discover it doesn’t scale the way you expected. Of course, no crystal ball will reveal your business’ trajectory, so it’s up to you to make sure your business intelligence and analytics investments are as future-proof as possible.

If your company needs to scale, whether up or down, Logi Analytics’ suite of products makes it as simple as possible to build, deploy, and automate in your changing environment. It doesn’t matter if your business operates on-premise, in the cloud, or using a hybrid infrastructure approach.

To learn more about hosting on-premise vs. the cloud, here is a helpful guide.

As your operations increase – and requirements become more complex – it’s not the time to rely on UI components for your application. Building analytics with UI components comes with many hidden costs, such as research and development, support and maintenance, cybersecurity, and licensing issues.

When your company enters a growth period, it’s also likely that your customers’ needs also are changing. Logi Composer features a low-code environment that enables users to create dashboards and data visualizations that meet any customer’s needs with ease. In addition, Logi Report supports templating abilities that help customers deliver reports at scale.

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What to Look for When Scaling

A scalable BI solution must remain cost-effective as the number of users grows while also providing analytic capabilities to the unique roles and skills of each individual user. Your team can enjoy intuitive customization with Logi’s in-app analytics while freeing up your teams to focus more on creating user-friendly features related to the application’s core functionality.

Logi Composer was designed to scale in your existing architecture. No propriety hardware is required to support horizontal scaling with distributed microservices that avoids any instances of Single Points of Failure (SPoF) in the workplace. Logi is also able to scale both vertically and horizontally based on your company’s changing needs. The full software stack is replicated multiple times over a load-balancer – boosting high availability and adding compute power to the operation. This makes it possible to scale inside your existing application servers – and alongside your application – limiting any downtime or deployment problems.

If your company is currently looking for a flexible and scalable environment that works with your existing technologies – but still reduces overall development costs and speeds up time to market – Logi Analytics is here to help! Schedule a demo today.

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Logi Composer is the top rated low-code, turnkey analytics solution for dashboards and data visualization.