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Meet the Oracle Requirements and Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data

insightsoftware -
July 13, 2023

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Your team operates in an ever-changing landscape and the current business climate has proven that unpredictability is here to stay. For your team to successfully adapt in this environment, insight into your business data is more vital than ever. And it’s not just the accuracy of your business data but also the speed at which you can extract insights and share them with business leaders.

Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) software holds vast amounts of data. But its complex nature makes it difficult for your team to access, understand, and use the data efficiently and effectively.

There is a wealth of data insights hidden within your Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) software just waiting to be mined. Without the proper tools and processes, these valuable operational insights will stay hidden by the technology challenges your team faces daily.

Challenges for Oracle Users

Many factors put pressure on product delivery cycles and supply chains. Requests to the IT team for custom analysis only slow down the reporting processes. Without deep insights into your organization’s operations, your stakeholders lack a clear understanding of company-wide performance and data analysis to shape the future.

Key challengers for your Oracle users are:

  • Capturing vast amounts of enterprise data requires a powerful and complex system.
  • Oracle’s rigid nature makes for complex migrations from EBS or JD Edwards to Oracle ERP Cloud or other Oracle Cloud Applications.
  • Due to the complexity, accessing data in Oracle is often manual and time-consuming.
  • Movement to Oracle’s Cloud is slow as organizations continue to manage siloed processes.
  • There is a constant need to find skilled Oracle users and tools to improve automation and visibility.
  • Living in a hybrid world makes it more difficult for organizations to comply with changing regulations.

You need software that enhances your Oracle investment and takes you from disconnected, complex business processes to connected, user friendly experiences with cloud-first applications. Your team needs a solution that delivers:

  • Trusted insights
  • Automated processes
  • Better predictability

Get Proper Data Insights With Angles for Oracle

With Angles for Oracle, both Enterprise and Professional, you can make operational insights readily accessible and consumable for all your business users who need a fast, secure, and easy-to-use self-service experience for Oracle ERP data.

Using Angles for Oracle, your team gets easily consumable Oracle data. Here’s what you get, for a complete, comprehensive view of your business:

  • Connected: Deep Oracle knowledge and integration for low-risk implementations
  • Agile: Simple, flexible, self-service tools put business users in control while keeping IT happy
  • Trusted: A single source of truth for consistent, accurate reporting and planning

Enterprise-wide Visibility Across Oracle ERPs and Data Sources. Maintain visibility across your business from one central reporting platform. Blend data for business analytics across multiple Oracle ERPs and data sources. Access Oracle Cloud Application modules and near real-time replication and reporting views on the cloud-based operational data store. Achieve unified reporting for hybrid environments and a smoother transition to Oracle Cloud Applications.

Continuous Operational Insights and Strategic Analytics. Unlock the power of your enterprise data. Access as-it-happens information in your rapidly changing business environment, especially when you need to out-think and outmaneuver the competition. With the integrated platform, you get a powerful data model; a library of pre-built, no-code business reports; and a robust process analytics engine.

Organizations across all industries need more accurate and faster business insights, and finance teams are producing an ever-increasing volume of operational reports to meet that need. Angles Enterprise for Oracle and Angles Profession for Oracle deliver on those needs by:

  • Angles Enterprise for Oracle delivers a context-aware, process-rich business data model, a library of 1,800 pre-built, no-code business reports, and a high-performance process analytics engine for Oracle Business Applications, including EBS and OCA. This integrated solution helps you unlock your enterprise data and deliver actionable insights to support decisiveness in an uncertain and quickly changing world.
  • Angles Professional for Oracle is the perfect tool for finance teams who struggle to meet the increasing demand for recurring operational reports due to the complexity of their ERP, Angles accelerates the distribution of actionable, operational data. Working with a broad library of extensible content covering common reporting needs and connecting directly to source data, finance can create and share rich, interactive reports and dashboards without depending on IT. This ensures everyone has fast, self-service access to up-to-date operational information to aid their day-to-day decision making.

Go here for more information about insightsoftware’s operational reporting solutions to see if Angles for Oracle is right for your team.

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With access to thousands of pre-built, self-service reports that end users can easily modify to fit their needs, IT dependence is minimized allowing you to act on insights at the speed of business.