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How to Update Your Jet Features with New Releases – Webinar January 10, 2019

When new versions of Jet are released, your organization needs to update in order to utilize the incredible new functionality in the various features. But many users are nervous to do so because they do not want to break anything or cause a disruption in getting the data you need. We are here to remove the fear!

In this month’s Success Series topic, we will walk through best practices on the steps to update important components of your Jet product such as the Jet Excel Add-In, Jet Service Tier, the Jet Hub, the Jet Administration Console, and the Jet Dashboard Builder, with each new release. We will outline the steps that you should take before performing an update, identifying which Jet products and features you’ll be updating, and how to approach the process so that it is successful and ensures you have zero downtime. Whether you are using Jet Reports or Jet Analytics, this is a can’t miss session for maintaining the reporting functionality you rely on every day.

*Note: this session will not cover updates to the Jet Analytics data warehouse, cubes, or other Jet Data Manager components. But we agree it’s a great idea for another month!

Webinar Replay: How to Update Jet Global Software

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