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How Spreadsheet Server Lets You Master Financial Reporting in Excel

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In the era of data abundance, many finance users are faced with an insatiable need for more in-depth reporting and analysis. As CFOs increasingly rely on their teams to extract nuanced insights from complex datasets, finance users are finding that they need a way to report on and analyze their organization’s data that goes beyond what standard ERP reports offer. Most finance professionals are no doubt feeling the pressure to deliver, and likely turning to the accountant’s favorite tool — Excel.

Excel has been the tried-and-true companion for accountants and finance teams for decades. Its familiarity, flexibility, and spreadsheet functionalities have made it the default tool for creating custom reports, conducting complex analyses, and visualizing data in ways that standard ERP reports might not facilitate.

Manual data exports from your ERP to Excel, however, require a lot of time and introduce unnecessary risk. insightsoftware overcomes this challenge by extending your ERP reporting capabilities directly in Excel, without involving IT or using manual data dumps. Spreadsheet Server connects Excel to more than 140 ERPs, so you can easily build any report you need with your existing Excel skills.

Self-Service Reporting Designed for Finance

Many finance processes rely on extensive help from IT or expensive external consultants. With Spreadsheet Server, insightsoftware’s Excel-based reporting solution, your finance team is empowered to create their own reports, without IT or consultant involvement, and to take advantage of the full power of your ERP data. With a fast, flexible, and intuitive solution purpose-built to meet your team’s needs, Spreadsheet Server is a truly self-service reporting tool that empowers users to think outside the box of standard reports and create the reports your organization needs

  • Eliminate IT delays by empowering your finance team with a drag-and-drop report creator and pre-built Excel formulas to create their own flexible, custom reports in minutes.
  • Simplify complex reporting tasks. Create accurate, up-to-date reports for previous periods without relying on warehoused data or stale data dumps. Easily produce period-on-period analysis reports (e.g., a month-by-month balance sheet) and refresh them in seconds.
  • See the bigger picture with the ability to combine data from multiple sources into a single report and view all the data your business needs in one place.

Excel Evolution: Modernization and Solutions for Reporting Mastery

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Significantly Accelerate Processes with Up-to-Date Data in Excel

With Spreadsheet Server there’s no need to worry about inaccurate or stale data in Excel; data from your ERP automatically updates in Excel so you are never working with old numbers. Simply refresh or update to a new period to pull in new ERP data.

Take your reporting to the next level with instant Excel access to your latest data and complete your month end close days sooner. Shrink reporting cycles by cutting the need for time-consuming manual data exports to Excel pivot tables. Create charts, graphs, maps, and other visuals that combine data from multiple applications in just a few clicks.

Enjoy fast response times by refreshing reports and getting answers to ad hoc inquiries in seconds. Be confident that your decisions are based on consistent, reliable, and accurate information.

Speed-up Analysis with Deep, Transactional Drill Downs

With Spreadsheet Server, your finance team has the flexibility to drill down to see the data behind the numbers and get instant answers to critical business questions. Give your team control with reporting and analytics software that is built specifically for finance so your team can spend less time on reporting and more time on value-added analysis.

  • Powerful drilldowns without programming. Drill from summary to balances, transactions, and sub-ledgers to investigate variances and fix account reconciliation issues, fast.
  • Handle information requests from any ERP module and drill across modules to support advanced analysis. Enjoy total visibility and access to all your data for operational reporting and analysis.

See Value Within a Single Reporting cycle

Spreadsheet Server automates time-consuming reporting processes, allowing your finance team to devote their time to higher value tasks like analysis. Being based in Excel — finance’s tool of choice — ensures fast time to value and high levels of user adoption.

Deliver value out of the box with an easy, lightweight installation that takes less than a day, with no server required, and no need for a lengthy BI project or heavy IT involvement. Spreadsheet Server empowers your finance team to build the reports they need in minutes with the Excel skills they already have.

Are you ready for an easier, faster reporting process? With Spreadsheet Server’s 140+ ERP integrations, you can have exactly that: shorter reporting cycles, more reliable data, and the ease of use that comes from working directly in Excel. For more information on how Spreadsheet Server will improve your financial and operational reporting processes, watch our on-demand webinar on mastering easy Excel reporting in 2024 now.

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Mastering Easy Excel Reporting in 2024

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