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Embedded Analytics in 2023: A Year in Review

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2023 was a big year for developers, with technology taking huge leaps forward in new and exciting areas like AI. With this new unlocked potential, advanced analytics jumped back to the top of the capability wish list for many technology buyers. With customers now expecting more than ever from analytics, many development teams invested in embedded analytics solutions to reduce the workload and time to value for their applications. Here are some of the top trends from last year in embedded analytics:

  • Artificial Intelligence: AI and embedded analytics are synergistic technologies that, when combined, offer powerful capabilities for data-driven decision-making within applications. The key aspects of their relationship that trended over the last year included predictive analytics and integration with machine learning.
  • Scalability: Think of growing data volume and performance here. As data grew in 2023, embedded analytics solutions scaled seamlessly to maintain performance, ensuring that analytical processes remain responsive and timely.
  • More Intuitive Advanced Functionality: We’re talking user-friendly here. More intuitive advanced functionality in embedded analytics is seen with the integration of sophisticated features within applications that not only provide advanced analytical capabilities but also prioritize intuitive experiences for users.
  • Accessibility to Data: In 2023, we saw the ease with which users can retrieve and interact with relevant information within applications increase. The goal of accessibility within embedded analytics is to make information accessible to everyone and there were plenty of results to be seen, enough to make it a trend-setter in the analytics world.
  • Data Security: Again in 2023, we saw that ensuring data security in embedded analytics is crucial to protecting sensitive information and maintaining the trust of users. Secure data transmissions and authentication mechanisms both played key roles in the security real for embedded analytics.

With Launch, Logi Symphony Reaches for New Heights

In October, insightsoftware launched its industry-leading embedded BI and analytics solution, Logi Symphony. Logi Symphony is an embedded BI and analytics solution for any web-based application. It allows organizations to integrate business-level AI, interactive data visualizations, dashboards, and reports, thereby enriching the value and engagement of every application.

The reason behind its creation is that independent software vendors (ISVs) like you often need to offer reporting capabilities and data visualizations embedded directly within applications that you develop and maintain. The process is complex and requires a high degree of customization and extensive experience to prep data for analysis. Factoring in that recent research indicates that more than 35% of companies consider data preparation crucial, though 97% of gathered data is then left unused, Logi Symphony saw the need to provide seamless integration, flexible customization, and composability with a rich user experience.

Logi Symphony enables ISVs and enterprise application teams to launch products faster, drive end-user data-driven decision intelligence, improve customer retention and engagement with in-app contextual analytics, and monetize data through self-service analytics. Organizations can better monetize data resources while empowering users to make more informed decisions, with highly customizable managed dashboards, reports, and visual data discovery content available directly within applications.

Along its journey to the October launch, Logi Symphony experienced several updates to provide it with the best features of previously acquired products into a single self-service BI solution.

How to Make the Most of Your Data Insights with Logi Symphony

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Enhancing Logi Symphony’s Global Accessibility Standards

It was indeed a big year for Logi Symphony, with more advancements to ensure that your application analytics are accessible for all, including those with disabilities. We enhanced the software with accessibility features and third-party tools for a better user experience.

To help your users meet specific accessibility needs, Logi Symphony has made significant strides toward additional WCAG compliance and now offers a VPAT document by request. This change empowers your users with accessibility needs and guarantees that your applications meet the required standards. With this enhancement, you can confidently embed dashboards, knowing they will provide an inclusive and accessible experience for all users. Logi Symphony’s WCAG compliance ensures that your applications prioritize accessibility, promoting equal access to information and functionality for everyone.

Enhanced Capabilities for Dundas BI Users

With its upgrades in 2023, Dundas BI offers application-wide enhancements focusing on embedding, data preparation, and a new, more modern user interface.

Dundas BI introduced a comprehensive refresh to its application user interface, enhancing the overall user experience. The revamped interface boasts a vibrant design, optimized for high-resolution devices, ensuring visually striking interactions with a focus on clarity. The new self-service experience empowers business users with simplified content creation for bespoke ad hoc dashboards, either stand-alone or embedded.

Integration improvements include:

  • iframeless embedding for smoother cross-application interactivity.
  • Federated authentication option with JSON Web Tokens for seamless Single Sign-on and additional security.
  • Easier API integration through the OpenAPI Specification.

Data preparation and analysis are enhanced with the introduction of:

  • Data Fusing, providing additional flexibility for appending columns and records

Design and viewing enhancements include:

  • Localization libraries for multi-language dashboards
  • Convenient “Share to Email” feature for faster collaboration, and automated administration with scheduled health checks to optimize system performance without manual activation.

These updates provide a more streamlined, feature-rich, and user-friendly Dundas BI platform.

Logi Composer Expands Its User Experience

Within Logi Symphony is Logi Composer, which delivers a capability that delivers completely customizable, low-code dashboards and data visualizations. Logi Composer allows users to easily build and customize analytics by transforming data from the sources you already have into visualizations that seamlessly embed into an application.

Upgrades in 2023 made Logi Composer better and brighter. Logi Composer’s upgrades focused on enhancing the user experience with improvements in viewer interaction, robust data utilization, streamlined collaboration, advanced data table features, and simplified deployment. Key enhancements include:

  • To improve viewer experience, Logi Composer introduced mobile device support, ensuring seamless access to touch-friendly dashboards with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Filter snippet enhancements now include support for date fields and collaborative filter publishing, offering users more powerful filtering capabilities.
  • Data utilization is bolstered by Logi Composer’s Python data connector, enabling real-time data access and visualization from APIs.
  • Responding to user requests, Logi Composer introduces new statistical aggregators and functions, providing a wider array of options for improved data manipulation.
  • Better collaboration features streamline communication and decision-making. Users can now export dashboards to Excel (XLSX), facilitating easy sharing of insights.
  • To enhance security, Logi Composer introduces the ability to prevent field-level raw data export, providing more granular control within the Bulk Update Field Capabilities dialog.

With these upgrades, Logi Symphony provides a more intuitive, collaborative, and powerful user experience for Logi Composer users.

See if Logi Symphony Takes You Where You Need to Go in 2024

Logi Symphony is the ultimate analytics solution to elevate your application’s data-driven capabilities. It enables you to offer your customers a top-tier analytics experience while maintaining complete control over customization and flexibility. With Logi Symphony, you can embed a wide range of reports and dashboards seamlessly. Whether you prefer managed or self-service analytics or a blend of both, the choice is yours. Additionally, you can integrate advanced features like data blending, calculations, and predictive insights/AI to create visually stunning and actionable visualizations. This solution provides the best of both worlds — unparalleled customization, flexibility, and a diverse range of analytics options.

To learn more about insightsoftware’s Logi Symphony and its implications for embedded BI and analytics, visit our website. A closer look at Logi Symphony, and what it can do for your analytics users, can be found here.

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