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Do the Benefits of Cloud Outweigh the Costs?

insightsoftware -
September 19, 2023

insightsoftware is a global provider of reporting, analytics, and performance management solutions, empowering organizations to unlock business data and transform the way finance and data teams operate.

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Companies are now making a decisive shift from traditional on-premises Oracle software to Oracle’s cutting-edge cloud solutions. In fact, a recent Gartner report on cloud expenditure found that cross-industry cloud spend has risen from 8% as a percentage of total IT spend in 2018 to 16% in 2022. Worldwide spending on public cloud services is expected to grow by 21.7% in 2023.

There’s no doubt that cloud ERPs have had a profound impact on businesses, transforming the way organizations operate, innovate, and deliver value. But the constant noise around the topic – from cost benefit analyses to sales pitches to technical overviews – has led to information overload. “Cloud transition” is starting to feel like just another corporate buzzword.

Finance teams, like yours, are expected to offer meaningful input on cloud investments. But with so much information to sift through, it’s hard to know where to start. Hopefully, we can help you cut through the buzz and get solid answers to your Oracle Cloud questions.

Data Access

  • What insights can we derive from our cloud ERP?
  • What are the best practices for analyzing cloud ERP data?
  • How can we respond in real time to the company’s analytic needs?

Data Management

  • How do we create a data warehouse or data lake in the cloud using our cloud ERP?
  • How do I access the legacy data from my previous ERP?

Self-service BI

  • How can we rapidly build BI reports on cloud ERP data without any help from IT?
  • How do we get the most out of our BI investment?


Common OCA Experience Questions Answered

Your company’s Oracle Cloud will be an easier experience with a solution designed to connect your data and enable deep business insights. The goal is to gain your team access to business data from Oracle Cloud Applications in a single integrated repository.

Here’s how Angles for Oracle answers the above FAQ and can help you towards that goal:

Data Access – Provide Analytics to the Enterprise

Angles for Oracle supports Oracle ERP Cloud out of the box. Fast, real-time access to application data removes the need for IT assistance and time-consuming data preparation while ensuring accurate reporting. Drill down to transactional details and generate ad hoc analysis in support of strategic performance reporting. Use packaged ETL for Oracle business applications and an open interface to integrate data with existing business intelligence.

Streamline the traditionally manual process of implementing reporting tools and enterprise-wide BI initiatives with more than 1,800 no-code business views and reports (pre-built content by module/subject area). Reporting tools are easily accessible and customizable by business users without the need for IT assistance.

Provide your stakeholders with visibility across the data they need, when they need it, through the tools they already know how to use.

Data Management – Multi-system Access is Crucial

Angles for Oracle includes access to purpose-built technology that will extract, transform, rationalize, and organize data from any Oracle ERP you run, as well as from other non-ERP sources. The result is a proprietary, multi-source data model for a single view of your business information. Your data is updated in real-time with minimal performance impact to the production systems or network.

Angles for Oracle provides access to Oracle Cloud Applications modules and near real-time replication and reporting views on the cloud based ODS. This gives your team unified reporting for hybrid environments and a smoother transition to OCA. Angles is also built for today’s cloud-first IT, with support for hybrid deployments that offload processing from the primary database to a Microsoft Azure or Snowflake data warehouse.

Self-service BI – Empower Your Staff to Build Custom Analysis

Angles for Oracle solution allows you to implement a true reporting environment in the least amount of time, and at the lowest cost. With business views tailored to your unique application environment, Angles for Oracle delivers the fastest time to answers of any operational BI solution in the market. The patented solution delivers hundreds of pre-built reports empowering business professionals with the ability to answer their own questions without waiting on IT for assistance.

For technical professionals responsible for maintaining the infrastructure in an organization, Angles offers enterprise reporting and application solutions that quickly link existing BI tools and applications with real-time operational data. Auto-generation technology speeds up the process of populating reporting tools and worksheets with the business content necessary to gain meaningful business intelligence in less time and cost.

Angles’ approach for simplifying data access means substantial savings and value for organizations seeking a successful, cost-effective rollout of their BI applications. With a commitment to open architecture, Angles provides true integration with many popular reporting tools, automating many of the tasks required to link operational data with decision-makers.

Maximizing the Value of Your OCA Data

Access Resource

The Right Tool for Your OCA Experience

Get your answers to those questions above with business insights at cloud speed. Angles for Oracle Cloud Application combines the power of Angles Enterprise for Oracle with the scale, performance, and deployment speed of cloud in a turnkey managed solution built for ease of ownership. It can begin offering insights within a single day, without the overhead of systems and application management, and with cloud scale and elasticity.

  • Leverage the power of Snowflake or SQL Server RDS to build a cloud data warehouse from Oracle ERP data.
  • Remain constantly current with access to the latest features and innovations of the Angles platform, including proactive patching and optimization.
  • Leverage cloud scale and performance and streamline architectures for cloud-based ERP projects by deploying your analytics close to the data.
  • Flexible license agreement that optimizes and allows your business to “grow-as-you-go,” a fast and efficient provisioning and deployment process, context-rich business models that adapt to your ERP system’s unique configuration.

New Cloud Accessible Web Portal for Streamlined User Self-Service

Enjoy a web-based, user-centric, self-service hub experience that builds on Angles for Oracle’s market leading operational reporting capabilities. This is built on a robust platform provided by select hyperscale partners, offering you a reporting solution with unparalleled resilience, performance, and scale.

  • Lightning-fast search functionality. Angles Hub incorporates “Google-style” search technology that reveals and catalogs all metadata, including user-defined tags. It documents the business metadata of each view and report, making it faster and easier to search for and understand data.
  • Cross-functional collaboration. Angles Hub provides a highly collaborative environment for business users, BI developers, and IT. By enabling true self-service reporting, Angles Hub shields users from the complexities of Oracle ERPs. Users can autonomously source the answers they need, without in-depth understanding of complex ERP data structures. Through Angles Hub, users can also create and share reports using an intuitive, easy-to-learn interface.
  • Easy, protected IT management. Reports are protected from changes to database structure—a frequent occurrence during enterprise application upgrades. This saves time and cost by ensuring your existing reports continue to work after each upgrade. Administration is further eased, as Angles Hub allows for custom relationships and content to be created and deployed from a central location.

Book your demo today to see whether Angles Professional or Enterprise for Oracle is right for your Oracle Cloud teams.

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With access to thousands of pre-built, self-service reports that end users can easily modify to fit their needs, IT dependence is minimized allowing you to act on insights at the speed of business.