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Accelerate Your Roadmap, Delight Your Customers: How Embedded Analytics Supercharges Your Application

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As technology advances, so do user expectations. Advanced analytics has emerged as a hot topic and a key area of focus for buyers looking to provide higher quality analysis to inform business decision-making in a turbulent market.

  • Forrester Research predicts that the embedded analytics market will hit $16 billion in 2024.
  • Ventana Research predicts that over two-thirds of business unit teams will enjoy immediate access this year to an integrated cross-functional analytics platform seamlessly embedded within their workflow activities and processes.

Furthermore, the era of cheap money is over. Funding is scarce and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) must ensure their offer is seen as an essential expense for financially constrained buyers, delivering quick value, quality, and innovation. This requires finding new ways to retain your existing customers and attract new ones in a highly competitive market.

Buy Embedded Analytics for Rapid Customer Value

Your team can choose between two development approaches for analytics functionality: building the analytics your customers expect, or buying a third-party embedded analytics solution. Building and maintaining an advanced analytics solution takes time and significant manpower.

If you want to gain a competitive edge in today’s crowded market, you simply can’t afford to spend three to six months building functionality that your competitors are buying and delivering to their customers in weeks.

Zooming out of the build vs. buy debate, your customers want your application to include advanced analytics that is easy to use, will scale with them as they grow, quickly delivers ROI, and offers both the security and quality their company needs.

You need to be able to demonstrate a quick time to value and a focus on advanced functionality that sets you apart from the pack. Embedded analytics solutions, like Logi Symphony, are your quick ticket to moving the needle for your customers and expanding your revenue opportunities.

How Embedded Analytics Boosts Your Product Roadmap

Embedded analytics solutions, like Logi Symphony, are purpose built to help you accelerate your product roadmap and deliver quick, meaningful value to your current and future customers.

Fast-Track to Insights with Rapid Integration

No more waiting for months to add powerful analytics. Embedded solutions like Logi Symphony integrate in weeks, delivering immediate value to your customers. Focus on core features and innovations, knowing analytics are covered. Release updates more frequently, keeping users engaged and feedback flowing. Get your application to market faster with built-in data power.

See the Future with Predictive Analytics

In today’s volatile market, anticipating trends and minimizing risks is key. Embedded AI and machine learning models give your customers the foresight they need to make informed decisions, optimize resources, and gain a competitive edge. Prioritize features that leverage predictive insights and develop proactive support systems based on predicted behavior. Help your customers navigate the future with confidence.

Own the Experience with White-Labeling

Don’t just offer analytics, make them your own. White-labeling lets you seamlessly blend analytics into your brand, strengthening your identity and building trust with users. Focus on branding and marketing efforts, knowing the analytics experience is consistent. Leverage analytics as your differentiator and create a sense of ownership for your customers.

Dashboards: At-a-Glance Success

Leadership loves dashboards. Invest in an embedded analytics solution that offers intuitive, insightful dashboards to help customers impress and delight their senior stakeholders. Provide clear, customizable overviews of key metrics and empower your customers to track their specific goals. Develop a library of pre-built templates, integrate data visualization tools, and enable easy sharing and collaboration. Help your customers impress stakeholders, secure buy-in, and make data-driven decisions with ease.

Empower Users with Self-Service Analytics

Modern users want independence. Self-service capabilities in embedded analytics allow users to explore and analyze data on their own, without needing technical expertise. Develop intuitive interfaces, offer training materials, and integrate data security measures. Improve productivity, foster data literacy, and let your customers unlock the full potential of their data.

By incorporating these embedded analytics elements into your product roadmap, you’re not just adding features, you’re empowering your customers and accelerating your success. Get to market faster, deliver true value, and stand out in the crowd. It’s time to let your application thrive with the power of data insights.

How to Make the Most of Your Data Insights with Logi Symphony

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Youmanage Reduced Development Time by 75% with Logi Symphony

The HR-management software company Youmanage was frustrated with the excessive maintenance and development resources required by its homegrown analytics in its application. Every time it had to build out a custom report for a client, or when something went wrong, it took a long time to fix because the client had to go back in and relearn the code base before Youmanage could make any changes. Too much time was spent relearning the system to make it work instead of adding value.

As a result, Youmanage only offered customers a limited number of preset reports, and no way to aggregate data or create visualizations. Customers were left with reporting that wasn’t as powerful or useful as they needed it to be.

Youmanage decided to explore third-party solutions to speed up development cycles, expand their analytics capabilities, and improve customer experience.

When searching for an analytics solution, top-of-mind for Youmanage was the idea that customers needed self-service so they could create their own custom reports without heavy involvement from the dev team. The team also needed a compliant solution that would securely handle customer data. In particular, Youmanage needed column-level security — the ability to hide specific columns of data from unauthorized users.

Finally, theming — the ability to create a perfectly embedded, white-labeled dashboard — was an essential requirement for the team. The ability to customize with Logi Symphony helped ensure Youmanage could deliver a seamless user experience for their customers and didn’t have to sacrifice on brand.

More importantly, Youmanage also saved on development time. Its teams realized a 75 percent decrease in development time with Logi Symphony, so customers received their new analytics features faster than ever.

Instead of spending extra hours maintaining the analytic code base in Youmanage’s homegrown reporting solution, Youmanage decided to free up their team by investing in an analytics development platform. In switching to Logi Symphony, they were able to quickly create a full-featured analytics solution that significantly reduced development time by 75 percent, expanded deal size, and improved customer satisfaction.

The Benefits of Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics solutions offer many key benefits for your team, application, and customers. This year, there is no time to delay, you need ways to differentiate your application from the market, and embedded analytics is your ticket to moving the revenue needle.

Check out our new buyer’s guide to see if Logi Symphony delivers the analytics your customers need to grow their businesses.

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The Embedded Analytics Buyer’s Guide

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