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Vizlib Container Grid: Container examples and uses cases in Qlik Sense

Container grid

Vizlib Container Grid for Qlik Sense: What is a Container Grid? 



A Container Grid is a navigational element that enables users to add many different visualisations in a limited space. It creates a seamless user experience for business analysts to work in more than one visualisation at a time – whether comparing charts side by side, using the dynamic drill-down capability to dig deeper or switching between different types of charts to cover all angles.

Essentially, the Container Grid can help you rule your data! Though it would be a clear advantage to possess three heads, like a god, with a permanent 360-degree view, you do have the next best thing—a multi-angle view of your data. And it only takes a few clicks!


How does the Container Grid streamline data visualisation in industries? 


  • Healthcare practitioners often need to look at data from multiple angles. The Vizlib Container Grid helps to anticipate the required comparisons by presenting several views of the same data in a compact object.
  • Public Sector staff frequently need to examine data from multiple views. The Vizlib Container Grid helps to anticipate the comparisons they’ll need to see and presents a number of views of the same data. This may be across multiple demographics, in a compact object.

What is the Vizlib Container Grid? 

Vizlib Container Grid is a container extension for Qlik Sense. It provides seamless control over your chart interactions allowing users to switch between chart types and combine them with Qlik Sense actions.

Get the most from Vizlib Container Grid’s guided analytics experience with features such as:

  • Pre-set options: Choose from the pre-set Container Grid options to save you time.
  • Customisation: Customise the Container Grid elements to suit your visualisation needs and ensure a user-friendly experience.
  • Dynamic Drill-down: Deep-dive into your data by flicking between different types of charts on the fly.
  • Actions: Use actions, such as pre-selecting bookmarks or clearing selections, to create an intuitive guided analytics experience.

Vizlib Templates for the Vizlib Container Grid 
Vizlib Templates is a capability that can help your data users create, save and share custom Container Grid designs quickly. The new feature speeds up the development process as you can select and apply previously designed and saved pixel-perfect templates. And since you can share approved template designs with your team, it also enables your company to generate a consistent, professional look across all your Qlik Sense apps. You can find out more in the full documentation here.


You can learn more about the Vizlib Container Grid hereAnd find a few examples of Vizlib Container Grid below.








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