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Top Microsoft Dynamics vendor Jet Reports sponsors Women in Tech non-profit

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PORTLAND, Ore. – Jet Reports is showing its commitment to women working in the tech industry with its sponsorship of the Portland-based non-profit organization, PDX Women in Tech (WIT).

There’s a huge need for organizations like this,” Emiley Oster, VP Talent Acquisition and Development for Jet Reports, said of PDXWIT which has grown to 2,600 members since it started in 2013. “Technology is rapidly changing how businesses operate, and in five years every company will be a tech company to some extent.”

Oster said Portland’s booming tech industry with 600+ employers seeking 4,600 employees illustrates the wealth of opportunity for women. However, the demand for qualified candidates currently outstrips supply, making her job recruiting a challenge.

This sponsorship not only reflects our support for women in technology industries, but also assists us in understanding the unique challenges women face in the tech industry,” she said. “The reality is that for many women, they may be the only female on a team, which can be isolating. Learning more about what women need and want aids the sector in recruiting more women into the field.”

As a member of the group herself, Oster has seen the benefits PDXWIT provides with access to lifelong learning, networking, professional support and mentorship. Yet Oster notes the pool of female candidates could remain shallow for some time to come as so few women choose degrees in computer science and other technical fields.

Oster said Jet Reports is well placed to provide such sought-after positions given its multi-national reach with more than 11,300 Microsoft Dynamics customers served by 75 people in their Portland office.

The demand for quality tech talent keeps growing and we need women to seriously consider tech career options because that’s where the stable, well-paying jobs are,” she said. “PDX Women in Technology fosters programs to help recruit more women into the tech sector, and also keeps them engaged.”

With two young children, including a daughter, Oster said it’s easy to take technology for granted without considering the professional possibilities it offers.

As parents, we’re trying to foster an interest in tech and science for both our children because those are the skills that are most in demand today and will be in the future.”


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