Regaining Control of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Data: BellandVision Success Story

An innovative idea triggered the success story of BellandVision: offer distributors an ecological and economically viable collection and recycling system for used sales packaging. Established in 2004, BellandVision quickly became the leader in sustainable packaging licensing.

With so much success behind their state-of-the-art recycling solutions, BellandVision began to experience what most other growing businesses encounter, an ever increasing amount of data that exists across various systems. This created a new challenge for the company: getting timely reporting and analysis from multiple databases, including their ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Rather than allow growing data slow them down, Helmut Huppmann, the Head of Organization and Processing at BellandVision GmbH, saw this as an opportunity to explore better business intelligence (BI) and reporting options to gain better insight on operations and trends.

Read the full success story of BellandVision to learn how their challenges were addressed with a rapid time-to-value solution, and the tremendous benefits they experienced after implementing Jet Reports, built specifically to work with Dynamics NAV.