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Power BI for the Business Analyst

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With Power XL, Business Analysts can now utilize the efficacy of Excel directly inside Power BI.

  • Develop new models in a familiar environment.
  • Publish to the organization for data collections with ease.
  • All spreadsheets are filtered by Power BI and have Write-back for easy collaboration.
  • Any data from Power XL can be shared with all other Custom Visuals. Seamless.

It is a no-code solution for any Excel expert to both develop and deploy a quick Inventory App:

Power BI Navigation:

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All data can be edited.

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Easy to use master data management.

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Share and analyze all data with all users and stakeholders in the corporation:

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With Power ON’s Power XL it’s easy to develop, and has a Power BI user-interface and can support millions of rows with ease. It scales to Synapse as well.

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Power ON!