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Find Your Story With CXO and Longview

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The smart pairing that will turn your numbers into dynamic C-level insights

Financial and tax management has evolved enormously since the advent of computational technology. These days, you can’t just get by on spreadsheets and ledgers – everywhere you look you’ll hear the buzz of the age of automation. Your data needs to be sophisticated, offering essential storytelling to help support strategic insights.

But implementing automation that works isn’t necessarily an easy find. It’s hard to know how to interact with the plethora of technology available to you. Knowing what will have you motoring freely into the age of automation, and what will leave you behind struggling, is just as essential to success as being willing to adopt automation in the first place.

Knowing What You Need

Knowing your changing role in the landscape of the company is essential to understanding your automation needs. In every industry, every business, and every firm, the financial function has become vital to the growth and development of a company. Whether you’re CFO or part of the accounting team, the role of automation in the future of finance is vital to your role, growth, and the evolution of your organization.

Your automation needs will likely need to move beyond the traditional aspects of your role. For instance, group consolidation and reporting can be technically challenging areas for accountants, so making sure you have the proper foundational automation is important. This is particularly true when subsidiaries report in different currencies, run different systems for their general ledgers, or operate using differing charts of accounts. Understanding what part of your process can be automated will put you a step ahead.

Driving Business Growth Through Automation

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Finding The Story Behind the Numbers

Beyond the basics, a good story makes you think and feel in ways that data slides simply can’t. With technology maturing, it may surprise you that most companies are behind the automation curve. Only 11% of organizations report getting high-value data insights from their EPM. Put another way, that means you and your team likely don’t understand the story your data is trying to tell you, and without this story, insights are less noticeable.

Data visualization is an important and effective part of your storytelling process. \It contributes to your ability to be agile, and it enables timely decision support to C-level business leaders in a way that, even without a meeting, effectively tell the story. Sophisticated visualizations are important since they not only help you understand information but make your information memorable.

Perfect Automation Pairing in CXO and Longview

CXO and Longview give you basic automation and enable you to tell the visual narrative behind your data. By implementing the two together, you’ll be able to transform lacklustre data with rich digital reports, built-in commentary, and dynamic dashboards. Your data will no longer be numbers on infinite mismatched sheets – it’ll transform into a sophisticated, easy-to-read insights.

Working in reporting silos, creating reports to meet C-Level needs is tedious, time consuming, and difficult. Reports only have numeric representation and it’s difficult to make the numbers “stand out.” Too much of your time is spent trying to turn reports into a cohesive narrative. But, by pairing CXO and Longview means you’ll be ahead of the automation curve. You’ll be able to:

  • Optimize Your Reporting Process. You’ll be able to optimize your reporting process to maximize insight CXO makes building C-Level reports and dashboards against your Longview data effortless, so you can streamline your financial reporting process by spending less time on manual tasks and more time on analysis. Show off your data in ways that people can grasp easily.
  • Enhanced C-Level Reporting. You’ll be able to provide an enhanced C-level reporting experience as CXO brings the reporting capabilities C-level execs expect to your Longview applications. You’ll be able to work with a modern, clean interface with easy-to-use dashboards, beautiful visualizations, and integrated capabilities that make it easy to annotate tables and to collaborate with teammates.
  • Sophisticated Visualizations. It can be hard to explain why the numbers in each report are relevant to the point you’re trying to make. You’ll be able to paint a vivid financial story using sophisticated visualizations. This way you’ll be able to utilize charts, graphs, dashboards, and storyboards to create a cohesive narrative for your company.

The possibilities of what your data can do for you are growing and changing every day. With Longview and CXO you and your team will be able to better visualize your data, add flexibility and collaboration to reports, and create dashboards to explain the narrative behind your numbers so you can produce polished reporting to meet everyone’s needs. That’s a great ending to any story.

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