5 Quick Tips on Using Atlas for Your Budget

Does your organization currently use a software system that helps to streamline your operational processes and enhance your reporting capabilities? There are a number of systems that can be implemented, but Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics is the most versatile option for you to use in each department. There are options for marketing, sales, human resources, and finance — with endless possibilities.

Better Business Insight

While there are a multitude of ways for each organization to use these types of systems, the finance area is one of the biggest opportunities to enhance your reporting capabilities. Sometimes a lack of transparency and decreased productivity can exist when it comes to budgeting and financial forecasting. Atlas breaks down those barriers and helps you put together real-time reports so you can drill down and keep a critical eye on projections. Plus, it’s intuitive to use so it transforms you into a financial expert in no time.

Five Ways Atlas Can Turn You into a Finance Expert

  • Atlas uses real-time data, regardless of the branch of the organization you are accessing it from. Gone are the days where you need to sit in front of the computer, run the numbers and take hours to secure reports. You can better manage everything from bonuses to year-end goals, budgeting and more.
  • All the data will come directly into Excel, making it easy for you to manage. No need to go from program to program to get the information you need.
  • Atlas allows you to save frequently used report definitions into “Snippets” and reuse them as customized templates that fit each specific finance report’s needs.
  • With real-time access to data, you can use Actual numbers to predict next year’s budget.
  • Numbers move easily between reports, making it easier to run numbers and budget more efficiently and effectively.

Ready to Begin?

By using these five tips when using Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics for your budgeting needs, you will be on the road to becoming your organization’s finance expert. Don’t miss out on transforming your budgets into on-point predictions!