Graduating To Bi

Graduating From Reporting to Business Intelligence

This week we’re covering a topic that is near and dear to our hearts: reporting versus business intelligence (BI).  The distinction seemingly creates some confusion and uncertainty within the Dynamics community, primarily because a lack of clarity and definition in exactly what BI is, what it can do, how it is used, and ultimately when to graduate from reporting exclusively, to adding BI. These topics are brought to life in a pre-recorded webinar where I go a little deeper to help you understand, using Jet Enterprise, what the differences are between analytics and reporting, operational reports versus dashboards, and how this can help you better understand what business intelligence brings to the table. We talk about:

  • What is reporting, how can we define it?
  • How we define BI
  • The differences between reporting and BI
  • Why we see a lot of organizations add a BI solution to their reporting environment
  • And more!

I’ll also take you through an example of the outline and process behind building a typical report; illustrating that in the many cases when there are numerous tables and fields required to build the report, it can ultimately place burden on the end user which can cause expensive errors and time consuming efforts. We’ll cover how BI helps to solve this issue.

View the webinar now and also download our free whitepaper, From Reporting to Analytics: 5 Eye-Opening Examples of How Business Intelligence Fuels Profitable Change.