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Four Fronts to Building Data-Driven Decision-Making

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In today’s business world, data is more important than ever. But simply having a lot of data isn’t enough. To truly be ahead of the curve, you need to be able to use your data effectively. Having the right suite of products can help by improving data quality and accessibility, centralizing and automating data tasks, and providing tools to analyze data and identify trends. By empowering employees at all levels to leverage data insights, your businesses can make better decisions, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage.


Here’s how the right tools can help you achieve this on four key fronts:

2. Improve Cost Analysis with In-Depth Insights into Your SAP Controlling Data

Many businesses encounter challenges in extracting valuable insights from their SAP data, which often results in inefficiencies and missed opportunities. However, by leveraging appropriate tools and expertise, you can tap into a wealth of valuable information within your SAP system, enhancing your cost analysis and decision-making processes. Having a solution that specializes in SAP Controlling data can provide you with the means to delve deeper into your cost drivers and unlock actionable insights.

With the assistance of such a solution, you can embark on a journey to: drill down into granular details, pinpointing specific cost inefficiencies within production lines or departments; identify trends and patterns through thorough analysis of historical data, facilitating improved budgeting and forecasting decisions; and gain real-time visibility into production costs, enabling agile decision-making and timely intervention to address cost issues as they emerge, rather than waiting for end-of-period assessments. By harnessing SAP Controlling data, you can transform your SAP data into a powerful asset for driving efficiency and maximizing profitability.

2. Make Smarter Tax Decisions with Agile Tax Forecasting

Tax season need not be a stressful rush. Using a tax forecasting solutions can streamline your tax planning process and facilitate more informed decisions year-round. These solutions provide a range of tools to support you.

Firstly, they enable you to generate dynamic tax forecasts using real-time data, allowing for ongoing monitoring of tax liabilities and adjustments to your tax strategy as circumstances evolve. For example, you can identify opportunities to optimize deductions or defer income, thus minimizing your overall tax burden. Additionally, through scenario simulations, you can anticipate various tax outcomes, mitigating potential surprises during filing and ensuring preparedness for any eventuality. By optimizing your tax strategy based on a clearer understanding of your liabilities, you can make strategic decisions that maximize financial benefits, such as implementing tax-saving measures or leveraging tax-advantaged investment avenues.

Having the right solution enhances your agility and foresight in tax matters but also liberates your time and resources for core business operations. This collaborative approach empowers you to navigate the complexities of tax filing with confidence, ensuring a smoother and more efficient process overall.


How to Make Smarter Tax Decisions with Agile Tax Forecasting

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3. Unleash the Full Potential of Power BI with Writeback

Power BI stands out as a robust business intelligence tool, offering the capability to convert raw data into visually engaging dashboards and reports. However, what sets Power BI apart is its writeback functionality, which allows users to edit data directly within the reports themselves, thereby enhancing its utility and versatility.

Utilizing writeback functionality in Power BI yields several advantages. Firstly, it facilitates the transformation of data into actionable insights through user-friendly dashboards. These dashboards, easily comprehensible and navigable, empower users to interact directly with the data, enabling tasks such as updating sales targets or adjusting project timelines without needing to switch between applications. Secondly, writeback functionality enables real-time data manipulation within Power BI reports, eliminating the cumbersome process of exporting data to external spreadsheets for modifications. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also enhances efficiency, as financial analysts can update budget figures seamlessly within Power BI reports, fostering smoother workflow and improved collaboration across the organization.

4. Score Oracle EBS Data at the Speed of Light

While Power BI excels at transforming data into clear and informative dashboards, its capabilities extend even further with writeback functionality. This innovative feature breaks down barriers by allowing users to directly edit data within reports, fostering a more interactive and user-centric approach to data analysis.

Imagine a sales manager who can adjust team quotas right from a Power BI dashboard, or a financial analyst who can update budget figures on the fly. Writeback empowers users to take ownership of the data they see, streamlining workflows and eliminating the need to jump between applications. This fosters a culture of data-driven decision-making, where insights aren’t just presented but actively used for real-time adjustments.

Solutions for Success

insightsoftware understands your specific needs and can offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, by offering expertise in data analysis and visualization tools, while also empowering your team to make informed decisions at every level. This collaborative approach will not only improve efficiency and cost control, but also position your company for long-term success. Using insightsoftware helps you unlock the full potential of your data and build a culture of data-driven decision-making within your factory.

  • Longview Tax is a tax compliance software solution. While compliance isn’t inherently data-driven, tax software can help by centralizing tax data and automating tasks, freeing up time for analysis. This can help identify trends and make data-driven decisions about tax strategies.
  • PowerON is a data governance solution. Data governance helps you manage data assets. This includes ensuring data quality, security, and accessibility. Good data governance is essential for making data-driven decisions because it ensures that the data you are using is reliable and trustworthy.
  • Angles Enterprise is a suite of business performance management (BPM) tools. BPM tools help you track and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) across your organization. This can help you identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions about how to allocate resources.
  • Wands is a financial reporting solution. Financial reports are a key source of data for businesses. Wands can help you automate the process of generating financial reports, freeing up time for analysis and making data-driven decisions.

While the specific functionalities may differ, these insightsoftware products can contribute to a data-driven culture by:

  • Improving data quality and accessibility
  • Centralizing and automating data tasks
  • Providing tools to analyze data and identify trends

Fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making is essential for success in today’s landscape. While simply having a lot of data isn’t enough, insightsoftware’s suite of products can help by improving data quality and accessibility, centralizing and automating data tasks, and providing tools to analyze data and identify trends. By empowering employees at all levels to leverage data insights, your company can adapt to changing demands. This will ultimately lead to increased efficiency and innovation.

Learn more about how to improve your data-driven decision-making, ask for a free demo.

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Complex Tax Compliance With a Single Source of Truth

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