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Logi Symphony Has You Prepared for New Cookie Restrictions

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Embedding analytics into your application? New browser restrictions are on the way for Google Chrome that can block some third-party content that uses cookies from being accessible to users by default, in addition to restrictions in Safari and Firefox you may have already seen.

What’s changing?

Google is planning to phase out third-party cookies for Chrome users in 2024.

What does this mean for my application?

If the application or service you are embedding into your product (or other applications) relies on cookies and is hosted on a different domain, it may stop working. This will be a common problem for applications using iframes for embedding.

Why are browsers blocking these cookies?

Cookies are in use on nearly every website and web application for essential features like keeping users signed in and remembering settings, but can also be used to track visitors’ activity between different websites when a single third-party website is allowed to store their own cookie on each of them.

Browsers have introduced changes intended to block third-party cookies and cross-site tracking, but this can also negatively affect a third-party application providing legitimate functionality to your users if it happens to be hosted on a different domain than the page where it’s embedded. This leaves you stuck until your vendor fixes the issue in their software, which probably will not be as fast as you would like.

How do I prepare?

Good news! If you are using Logi Symphony to embed analytics into your application, the upcoming transition can have little to no impact on your users even if it’s hosted on a different domain.

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Embedding without iframes

Logi Symphony content, including Visual Data Discovery, Managed Dashboards, and Managed Reports, can all be embedded into your application without iframes or cookies. This method of embedding is not affected by any browsers’ third-party cookie or cross-site tracking changes.

For details and to see live examples, see the Logi Symphony Playground.

Storage Access API

If you are currently embedding Logi Symphony’s Managed Dashboards and Reports area using an iframe or the embed library, it has already implemented the most widely available solution recommended for handling the upcoming third-party cookie restrictions, known as the Storage Access API.

If Logi Symphony is hosted from a different domain than the top-level website where this functionality is embedded via an iframe, the browser will prompt users as necessary to allow Logi Symphony to access the information it has saved under your top-level site. After clicking to allow access, Logi Symphony will be able to maintain that user’s session using cookies as they navigate between pages and use the functionality normally. This mechanism is supported by the current versions of all major browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

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