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Fast, Scalable Cloud Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting Software

  • Bizview is a robust, web-based planning solution
  • Excel-like template functionality for easy adoption
  • Simplifies processes to drive smarter decisions from more accurate data

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Gustaf RomanHead of Finance IT

If you’re looking for a flexible and scalable solution that’s easy to customize and maintain on your own, consider Bizview.

Bizview Accelerates Business Growth With Collaborative Planning

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Fast access to up-to-date numbers and variance analysis in your browser

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Forecast & Budget

Easily and rapidly plan for the future with capabilities like rolling forecasts and cash flow forecasts for better business insights and more informed decision-making.

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Flexible Advanced Forms

Advanced business logic, formulas, rules, conditional formatting, different data sources

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Powerful data visualizations of important KPIs to your organization

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Workflow & Collaboration

Enhance control and collaboration in your planning and forecasting process

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Excel-like Templates and Forms

Template functionality mirrors excel - use the same formulas and shortcuts your finance teams are accustomed to

Integrated, Web-Based Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting with Bizview

Shorten Cycles to Support
Continuous Planning

With an intuitive web-based, excel-like interface, you can create any type of budget, forecasting and planning form for a robust and cohesive planning process, without the need to work with multiple spreadsheets saved on individual PCs. Gain visibility into your financial data and business performance and create what-if scenarios to analyze potential changes in market trends, business revenue, cash flow, expenses, and more.

Break Down Silos and Create Planning Transparency

Save time by taking control of budget entry and approvals using powerful workflows and automated, coordinated email notifications to your team. Deploy budget contribution and responsibility to the right people throughout the organization, having them input budget / forecast on relevant dimensional level, and using best possible drivers.

Increase Planning

Adjust and adapt your plans and forecasts throughout the year. Use rolling forecasts to drive agility and accuracy across the organization. Users login, enter their figures, and the system automatically updates forecast figures with a single click. Change existing models on the fly to adapt to evolving business needs. Keep track and compare your previous figures with built-in version control.

Shrink Planning Cycles and Improve Team Productivity



Coop Sorvest
Pål Sonesen Controller

With Bizview, the time spent on budget preparation has been significantly reduced. In addition to that, the quality of input has greatly improved.


less time

22 03 Cs Web Mccorklenurseries Logo
Tara Pounds Accounting Manager

What used to take months before Bizview, now takes a few weeks. This year, the CFO has given me the goal of completing the 2023 budget from start to finish in two weeks, where we did it in two to three months previously.

3 Days

Work Reduced to 3 Hours

09 2021 Casestudy Varmevarden Logo
Gustaf Roman Manager of Finance IT

If you want a flexible tool that is possible to scale, one that is easy to change and maintain yourself, then I would consider Bizview.

Increased Planning Speed By Decentralizing the Planning Process

Bizview, a modern, intuitive planning solution, helps organizations adopt advanced planning capabilities, such as driver-based planning and advanced forecasting models for greater accuracy, powerful spread rules, and system-proposed forecasting.

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