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Vizlib Trinity Life Sciences Case Study

Improves Data Exploration and Boosts Qlik Sense Adoption with Vizlib’s Customization

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Key Takeaways

  • Improved user experience through customized drill-down experience
  • Streamlined data exploration
  • Boosted Qlik Sense adoption
  • Saved on development time by empowering more users
  • Faster turnaround in solving client problems

About Trinity Life Sciences

Trinity Life Sciences provides evidencebased solutions – advisory services, insights & analytics, and technology – for the Life Sciences sector.

The BI consulting division works with small to medium-sized pharmaceuticals to recommend and build the data solutions they need.

Trinity’s Analytic Challenge

With many clients historically QlikView users, the team recognized the benefits Qlik Sense could bring to these organizations. But they needed to provide the same level of customization and flexibility their clients were used to within this new Qlik Sense environment.

To improve their communication with field sales agents, Sales Operations teams wanted to dynamically display key data for sales reports, to understand competitor influence and to promote the incentive compensation available to agents. This would afford both those on the ground and the wider business better visibility into sales opportunities.

The flexibility and customization features of Vizlib enables us to seamlessly offer the features our clients require such as layering, hiding, custom tooltips, and the ability to toggle on and off.
– – TED EKARIUS, Senior Business Intelligence Developer, Trinity Life Sciences

A Key Requirement
A key requirement was the ability to layer and hide data within one sheet.
Without a way to resolve this, wider Qlik Sense adoption would be limited among the client base, and it would impact Trinity’s ability to meet their clients’ expectations.

Vizlib Helps Improve the User Experience

Trinity Life Sciences had a dynamic application based on menu choices, an Ad Hoc app that was designed within QlikView. While trying to recreate it within the native Qlik Sense environment, the team kept hitting hurdles.

Seeking a solution, the team discovered Vizlib.

“We discovered we could use Vizlib to create the same user experience within the Ad Hoc app that our clients expected,” explained Ted Ekarius, Trinity Life Sciences’ Senior Business Intelligence Developer. “This also helped us to increase the adoption rates of Qlik Sense from QlikView, as our clients could retain the features they needed with the added benefits Qlik Sense offers, thanks to products such as Vizlib Library and Vizlib Self Service.”

The ability to layer and hide data while placing objects in a specific order is essential for the clients Trinity Life Sciences support. The data is populated within one tab. Then layering and hiding is employed so the user never has to leave that window, improving the user experience and ability to visualize data trends.

“When Vizlib is involved, it makes everything easier.”

– SEAN BOYLAN, Director Business Intelligence, Trinity Life Sciences

Vizlib was the only option we found that enabled us to bring this functionality to one tab within a Qlik Sense environment,” said Ekarius. “The only alternative would be to create multiple sheets, leaving it up to the user to navigate and find the information they need. With Vizlib, they can dynamically search within one sheet to see everything they need.”

Ekarius continued, “The flexibility and customization features of Vizlib enable us to seamlessly offer the features our clients require, such as layering, hiding, custom tooltips, and the ability to toggle on and off. Vizlib not only makes it easy to implement these features, but the interface means it removes the time and challenges we face as developers.”

The Results

In using Vizlib to address these challenges for clients, the Trinity team realized significant time-savings. Subsequently, clients have benefited from more efficient project delivery and lower overall cost. As a result, clients don’t need to compromise on requirements they have come to expect.

Vizlib Trinity Life Sciences Case Study Statistics

Sean Boylan, Director Business Intelligence at Trinity Life Sciences, believes Vizlib has made a real difference: “Vizlib has improved our ability to deliver customer satisfaction. Without the Vizlib Library and Vizlib Self-Service products, we wouldn’t be able to meet our clients requirements in a Qlik Sense environment. It also means clients are not facing the need to reinvest in the design process to recreate the flow.”

Vizlib KPI Designer has also been an unexpected benefit for Trinity.

It gives the team the flexibility to add the measurable fields required, providing a clean and simple view. Without the KPI Designer, the team would otherwise have to create a hard table in the warehouse (a time-consuming database project for arranging the data prior to visualization).

“We have to be the experts in the room and know the tools we can use to solve the problem.” Boylan concludes, “When Vizlib is involved it makes everything easier. We know we will be able to meet our clients requirements.”

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“Without the Vizlib Library and Vizlib Self-Service products, we wouldn’t be able to meet our clients requirements in a Qlik Sense environment."

SEAN BOYLAN Director Business Intelligence

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