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Data Modeling

Data modeling is a method of preparing data so it is ready for analysis and exploitation. Today’s BI applications include powerful tools that automate the traditionally time-consuming work of preparing, modeling, and profiling data for analysis.

Most of these apps use the OLTP (online transaction processing) data modeling approach. OLTP systems focus on fast query processing, while maintaining data integrity in multiple access environments and effectiveness, measured by number of transactions per second. An important attribute of an OLTP system is its ability to maintain concurrency. To avoid single points of failure, OLTP systems are often decentralized.

insightsoftware’s data modeling tool automatically groups data into intuitive bins, such as income bands from salaries; age ranges from ages; or weeks, months, or quarters from dates. Users can quickly and intuitively assess data distributions and patterns using dynamic or custom bins – all without the complex data modeling effort of years past.