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Analysis Grid

Use the Analysis Grid to answer important questions from your data.

Powerful, Flexible Data Analysis

The Analysis Grid is one of the most powerful–yet easy to use–data-analysis tools available today. It is a feature that allows developers to create a grid of data for business users to analyze and query in multiple and powerful ways. It is a managed reporting feature giving end users virtual ad hoc capability.

Although Web-based, the Analysis Grid offers the interactivity of a dedicated desktop application. It is composed of three main parts:

  • The data grid itself, i.e. a table of data to be analyzed
  • A number of action buttons at the top, allowing the user to perform actions such as:
    • Create new columns with custom calculations
    • Hide and move columns
    • Sort columns
    • Filter data
    • Add groupings
    • Perform aggregations
    • Add charts
    • Add cross-tab views
    • Control paging
  • And the ability to export the grid to Excel, CSV or PDF format

The Benefits of the Analysis Grid

After it’s mastered, which is generally a quick and intuitive process, the Analysis Grid can yield a tremendous amount of answers to business questions. Among the many benefits of this analysis feature, here are the most salient:

  • Giving end-users virtual ad-hoc analysis capability on their data
  • Allowing end-users to create custom columns and perform complex calculations at the click of a mouse
  • Making it easy to perform what-if analysis through features like filtering
  • Making data-presentation impactful through visualization features including heat maps
  • Letting the user save his analysis grid report and reuse it whenever needed
  • Letting the user export his findings in other formats such as Excel, CSV and PDF