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Information Systems Manager Cuts Reporting and Dashboard Creation Time by Half

J. Murphy & Sons gains insightful financial intelligence for decision making with flexible, cost-effective reporting solution.

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As one of the UK’s most respected civil engineering and building companies, J. Murphy & Sons (Murphy Group) had successfully grown locally and, despite economic challenges, was expanding rapidly on an international scale. The trouble was, their outdated financial management system and

manual report manipulation were impairing their ability to access critical business information and have a clear line-of-sight into their financial performance. After replacing their old software with Microsoft Dynamics AX, Information Systems Manager, Clare O’Hara was faced with the task of finding a integrated analytics and business intelligence solution that would help with Murphy Group’s complex reporting needs and give them confidence in their data. Because they understood the unique data needs and reporting requirements of Murphy Group, their software solution partner recommended Jet Global.


Murphy Group has simplified their complex reporting requirements using Jet Global. With user-friendly, easily-accessible business intelligence at their fingertips, employee efficiency has increased considerably. Reporting and dashboard processes now take less than half of the time previously required, freeing up valuable resources to focus on strategic business initiatives. Overall, Jet Global has helped Murphy Group gain control over their data, so they have a tight handle on sales, costs and profitability, as well as the ability to monitor progress relative to budgets, projections and previous years’ achievements. The company is looking forward to a future where all decisions are fueled by insights resulting from their new business intelligence capabilities.

“Door gebruik te maken van Jet Global hebben we niet alleen de nauwkeurigheid van de gegevens verbeterd, maar ook waardevolle tijd van het financiële team vrijgemaakt om te kunnen besteden aan toegevoegde waarde analyse.”

Clare O’Hara Informatiesysteembeheerder

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