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«Nunca pondríamos en peligro ni nuestra integridad ni la de la empresa, aunque ello nos perjudicara. Siempre actuamos de forma respetuosa y transparente, y hacemos todo lo mejor que podemos».

– El equipo de insightsoftware

insightsoftware brand and culture

Our History


Global Software, Inc. is born in Raleigh, North Carolina



Several small consulting firms consolidate to form Decisionworks


Decisionworks moves from software consulting to product solutions and sprouts in Denver, Colorado



Excel4apps is born and builds its first office in Johannesburg, South Africa



EPM and finance professionals found CXO Solutions BV in Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht Canal


Excel4apps expands to add offices in Sydney, Australia, and Raleigh, North Carolina


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania gains its very own Excel4apps office


Business Finance awards Excel4apps with Software of the Year


CXO Software opens U.S. office in Atlanta, Georgia

2016 acquires DecisionPoint (Antivia)


Global Software acquires Atlas for Dynamics (Globe Software)


CXO Software achieves ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for Information Security Management


Hubble by and Global Software, Inc. merge to form insightsoftware, the number-one enterprise reporting solutions provider


Excel4apps joins the insightsoftware team

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EPM reporting provider CXO Software is added to insightsoftware

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BizNet Software joins the insightsoftware family

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Jet Global is added to the insightsoftware team

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Bizview Systems joins insightsoftware

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Real Life Examples of insightsoftware Success

Systems and Reporting Manager Saves Weeks on Budgeting with Flexible Excel-Based Reporting

Amnesty International Systems & Reporting Manager Amnesty International VER CASO DE CLIENTE

Import Company Saves Time and Frees Up IT Department with Atlas

Steve Dickson IT Manager Albi Imports VER CASO DE CLIENTE

Railroad Corporation Improves Efficiency with the Use of Spreadsheet Server

XX Alaska Railroad Corporation Alaska Railroad Corporation Alaska Railroad Corporation VER CASO DE CLIENTE

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Leadership Team

Mike Lipps

Michael S. Lipps

Chief Executive Officer
Kelly Connery

Kelly Connery

President and Chief Revenue Officer
Craig Nickerson

Craig Nickerson

Chief Financial Officer
Bernie Emsley

Bernie Emsley

Chief Technology Officer
Mike Bourgon

Mike Bourgon

SVP People & Culture
Lacy Ford

Lacey Ford

SVP Marketing
Thad Trap

Thad Trapp

Chief of Staff

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