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Health Care Provider Goes from Weeks to Seconds in Report Creation with Jet Reports

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WeCare Holding is a group of privately held health care centers in Denmark, offering a range of services to more than 80,000 inhabitants across 30 different locations in the country.

The Challenge

In 2018, WeCare Holding acquired three companies comprising more than 20 health care centers across Denmark, as well as a staffing business. With thousands of patients served each year, the data volumes generated by the combined health care centers was enormous. The existing IT infrastructure for reporting was complex and fragmented, making it hard to access data efficiently.

Lars Poulsen, CFO at WeCare Holding, quickly realized that it would be impossible to work effectively without a dedicated reporting and data management tool. “It’s uncommon to use BI tools in the health care industry”, said Poulsen. However, having worked with various BI tool over the years, he knew that it could make all the difference.

As WeCare started integrating the new businesses, they revisited their IT infrastructure and decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as their new ERP system. About six months later, they went to look for a BI and reporting solution that could handle and capture their vast amounts of data and simplify reporting across the group.

As WeCare looked at the market to identify suitable options, they struggled to find a well-balanced solution that could cater to all their needs. Some solutions were too large, complex and expensive, while others were not powerful enough to extract and process their large data volumes. WeCare needed a system that could handle their multiple data sources while delivering effective and intuitive analytics, and that could be implemented rapidly.

Poulsen had used Jet Reports and Jet Analytics in a previous position and knew that it would be a good fit. “I have multiple sources I’d like to extract data from, and therefore I knew that the Jet products would be the right solution for us. It’s easy to work with, and very agile, which is important to us.”

Building to Success with Jet Reports and Jet Analytics

Today, WeCare uses Jet Analytics to combine data from its multiple source systems into a single source of truth. This data is accessed using Jet Reports with Excel as a front-end interface, across the entire group. Implementation was fast, with the first reports ready-to-use within less than a month. The smooth implementation was delivered in collaboration with Jet partner Atlytix. “We’ve had some very good consultants from Atlytix help us implement the solution. We started using Jet Reports with their help one year ago, and we are so much better today”, said Poulsen.

“We started extracting data from Dynamics 365 Business Central, and the setup went very fast. Within the primary care unit, we have a different data source, which we integrated as a second step. Now we can extract invoicing data from the journal system, which we use to measure how well our business is performing. That was also easy to setup. The way we look at data is something that’s quite new within the health care market”, said Poulsen. “This data-driven behavior creates a more consistent approach to analysis and decision-making, which is an essential foundation for delivering quality in the primary health sector.”

User adoption has exceeded all expectations, thanks to the intuitive interface and user-friendly self-service reporting. “A challenge for us has been that the users, the health care center managers, don’t have a finance background. That’s why we chose Excel as front-end, because it’s intuitive and easy to learn. Our managers are very enthusiastic about the solution. They can extract reports at any time and compare with other centers, which is very powerful for them, and it creates transparency between centers”, said Poulsen.

Today, Jet Reports is used by about 30 users across the group:

  • 10 users in back-office, including Senior Management and the Office of the CFO
  • 20-25 health care center managers

Jet is not only used to manage multiple data sources, but also for creating financial and operational reports:

  • Financial reporting for the Office of the CFO and management, e.g., extracting invoicing data from the journal system, salary system, etc. to create various financial reports.
  • Operational reporting, looking at incoming phone calls statistics, e.g., phone cues. The organization also looks at the correlation between incoming calls and issued invoices.
  • HR reporting, e.g., to see how well the organization onboards new hires, as well as measuring the employee retention rate.

As the company continues to grow, it continues to invest in new IT systems, that need to be integrated into the overall group data ecosystem: “We invest a lot in IT systems that can support our business. With Jet, it’s easy to integrate the data from the new systems into our reporting process, which is really helpful”, said Poulsen.

Furthermore, Poulsen appreciates the reliable security and data access management provided by Jet: “The IT security is very strong. I can set up distribution groups via the active directory, allowing people only within a specific region to have access to a given report.”

Navigating Success

Having gone from weeks to seconds in extracting reports, WeCare could not be more satisfied with their solution. “I wouldn’t been able to extract the same volume of numbers with our previous setup. We can really crunch big numbers within a matter of seconds now, before it would take weeks. It’s a completely new tool we are working with. We’re ten levels better today!”, said Poulsen.

  • We Care has seen several positive results of implementing Jet, including:
  • Effective collection of numerous data sources in one place, for one single source of truth that the entire organization can report over
  • Enabling health care managers to extract reports at a local level and take subsequent actions
  • Dramatically reduced time spent on report creation, going from weeks to seconds, with refreshable reports in Excel
  • Cross-functional usage across Finance, Management, HR and Operations from a single, shared view
  • Rapid implementation in less than a month

“I wish more people would look into this tool, because it’s so powerful”, Poulsen concluded.

We invest a lot in IT systems that can support our business. With Jet, it’s easy to integrate the data from the new systems into our reporting process, which is really helpful.

Lars Poulsen CFO

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