Manual Sharing Compromises Report Integrity

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You Never Know Which Version is Right

With old reports floating around and copies of spreadsheets piling up over servers, network drives, and local machines, locating the most up-to-date report is harder than it seems.

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There are Constant Questions About Report Accuracy

When there are multiple versions of reports and your month-end numbers aren’t adding up, you’re going to spend more time answering questions and fixing your data than analyzing it.

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Every Department is Stuck Operating in a Silo

Most built-in reporting solutions don’t have the capabilities required to communicate between teams and collaborate on reports. Lack of collaboration makes collecting, accessing, and interpreting data a challenge.

Get Information into the Hands of People Who Need It with Complete Financial Report Management, Collaboration, and Publishing

Run Shared Reports from Anywhere

Easily access shared and published reports from virtually any device that has a web browser. View and refresh reports or dashboards from anywhere and quickly distribute month-end financial statements to senior executives via PDF, Microsoft Excel, or HTML format.

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Control What Information Each User Sees

With insightsoftware’s financial reporting software, run reports and dashboards for each user honoring their ERP security. By defining specific distribution groups and using filter criteria, you can control who gets what reports and when, including password protection encryption.

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Have Confidence in Your Data

Save time by automating the distribution of real-time reports and dashboards to business users in the format that best suits their needs. Our reporting solutions ensure that everyone is working from the same version of the truth and no one can dispute numbers in the boardroom.

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A Finance Leader’s Guide to Taking a Vacation

A Finance Leader’s Guide to Taking a Vacation

Vacations are as important to your mental health as your physical health. Yet as a finance leader, it can be difficult to feel empowered to get away and leave your team for a week (or more). But with the right people, processes, and tools in place, your vacation dreams can become reality. Download these tips for taking a vacation and then book that flight.

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