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Engine Manufacturer Simplifies Their Reporting Process with Spreadsheet Server

Isuzu North America leverages Spreadsheet Server to empower staff, save time, improve accuracy and deliver valuable insights easily to executives.

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Previously, the Isuzu accounting team was running reports from a server with a manual distribution process. It involved using printed reports and rekeying the information into Microsoft® Excel. They didn’t have the ability to develop flexible, ad-hoc financial reporting because their current server-based reports were not dynamic. They found that they still desired a complementary Microsoft® Excel-based product that could allow users to create and modify dynamic reports within Excel. This led them to the realization that Excel based reporting was the route they needed to pursue to attain the highest level of efficiency.


Isuzu North America saw improvement in their reporting capabilities immediately. Using Spreadsheet Server for use with SAP, Isuzu is able to get detailed and summary reports sent to executive management by period, cost center at a summary level with drill-down, so executives no longer have to re-write reports. Spreadsheet Server also accelerated the distribution process, allowing the accounting team to send those detailed and summary reports to managers and executives via email.

“Spreadsheet Server allows us to do a one-pass distribution for all the companies, all the call centers, and was able to deliver those reports in a timely fashion.”

Jon VanderMaarl Corporate Planning Manager

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