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White-labeling is the ability to make embedded analytics and business intelligence (BI) look like your own application, not someone else’s. When it comes to embedding BI user interfaces into existing applications, white-labeling is usually a top requirement. Application providers—including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), independent software vendors (ISVs), and software as a service (SaaS) companies—are sensitive about ensuring the look and feel of the analytics matches their application, their company, and their brand.

What Does It Mean to White-Label Analytics?

When you white-label BI software, you ensure the dashboards and reports in your application look and feel like the rest of your software. Good white-labeling can increase user adoption of BI and embedded analytics by ensuring brand consistency and a seamless user experience. White-label analytics lets developers match their application’s fonts, colors, and branded design themes, even if the analytics capabilities are technically being built separately from the application. With white-label analytics, application teams can adjust every aspect of the embedded analytics without worrying about a disjointed user experience.

Benefits of Using White-Label Analytics & BI in Your Application

White-label analytics solutions provide a number of benefits to end users, including a visually appealing user experience and increased user adoption. Adding white-label capabilities to your embedded analytics not only improves the end user experience; it also helps your company stay ahead of competitors.

Selecting a White-Label Analytics Solution

White-labeling is just one of the many advanced capabilities that insightsoftware’s embedded analytics platform offers. insightsoftware lets you create dashboards, reports, and data visualizations within a single platform and customize these reports to remain on-brand.

If you’re interested in learning how white-labeling works within an application, you can see a demo of insightsoftware’s embedded analytics platform here.