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Visual Analytics

Visual analytics presents data in a way that is understandable and easy to digest. Visual analytics applications feature intuitive visualizations and charts that enable users to quickly uncover key patterns and trends and make informed decisions.

These applications bring data to life, enabling anyone to easily combine data from many sources and discover and share insights in real time. Users can learn more about data distributions and outliers with powerful features like in-cell graphics and column profiles. They can also consult a recommendations engine to find the visualizations that best fit their underlying data.

These visualizations may be static or animated:

  • Static visualizations provide users with basically everything you want them to see without requiring them to take any action. Usually, static visualizations display information that isn’t going to change.
  • Animated visualizations provide users with an option to drill-down deeper into the information being presented, often requiring them to take some sort of action to make it happen.