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OEM BI tools

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) BI tools are BI or analytics products that offer features that are particularly suited for SaaS providers. In general, business intelligence refers to the process of collecting business data and turning it into information that is meaningful and actionable towards a strategic goal.

OEM BI tools—including an OEM analytics platform—are designed to help SaaS providers build differentiated, revenue-generating capabilities into their products. Because of the competitive market around ISVs and SaaS providers, the value of OEM BI goes beyond satisfying end users and meeting IT requirements. For commercial applications, modern OEM business intelligence can affect revenue, customer churn, and customer acquisition.

Unlike other forms of BI solutions, OEM BI tools need to be white-labeled in order to provide a seamless user experience with the rest of the application. ISVs and SaaS companies also have an opportunity to incorporate more advanced capabilities into their business intelligence offerings. By integrating modern analytics features—including write-back, workflow capabilities, and embedded self-service BI—they can improve the value of their products by increasing stickiness, reducing churn, and ultimately boosting revenue.