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Interactive Data Viewer

The IDV gives end-users the opportunity to perform „quick and dirty“ analysis of business data.

The Interactive Data Viewer, IDV for short, is a robust data-analysis feature that enables business end-users to do two main things:

  • Perform instant calculations and sorting of data in a table
  • Immediately visualize the results graphically

Although Web-based, the IDV offers the interactivity of a dedicated desktop application. There are three powerful controls that the user has at his fingertips.

First, there is the ability to aggregate or isolate the rows and columns to be analyzed by simply control-clicking on the entries.

Then, the user can choose which calculation to perform by selecting from a drop-down menu. This menu contains the most useful types of business and statistical calculations, already preset and without any need for constructing formulas.

Data may be viewed in table, graph or table-and-graph format, to tailor them to the needs of the user and his audience.

Next, the user has the flexibility to choose the type of graph in which he’d like to see the results, so that the information presented can have the most visual impact. Chart types include line, bar and pie-all with a three-dimensional option.

The Benefits of the Interactive Data Viewer

Simple to use, flexible and interactive, the IDV is the perfect tool to answer business questions accurately and quickly.

  • Quickly select rows and columns you want to see from the row- and column-selector, eliminating clutter
  • See the results of your analysis displayed in graphic format in real time
  • Choose from a high number of pre-set calculations to compute average, median, standard deviation and other common computations on the fly
  • Easily make the IDV part of a dashboard or other report
  • Point-and click for advanced calculations–users can choose data-sets pertinent to the business at hand and perform one-click, pre-defined calculations to such data-sets.

For more complex, personalized analysis where, for example, custom columns and filters need to be created, there are other features like the Analysis Grid that yield the necessary power and flexibility.