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Infused Analytics

Infused analytics is the third and final stage in the Embedded Analytics Maturity Model and represents the deepest form of embedding. Here, analytics is infused as a natural part of the application. It is embedded within user workflows and becomes a core part of the overall user experience.

The infused analytics model is for application providers who want to position analytics as a core capability, by bringing together insight and action into the same context. It is correlated with greater realization of strategic benefits to the organization.

One way to infuse analytics is to provide analytic content “in the moment” or in existing application screens where users are making decisions and taking action. An example is to provide customer churn risk scores or purchase history in a customer service application so support representatives can offer personalized support.

Another infused analytics approach is for users to interact with analytic content that leads them to immediately transact or take action based on the analysis they are performing. For a sales manager who conducts geographic territory analysis, this approach enables him to immediately and efficiently re-assign territories from within the analytic interface, instead of having to jump out into the main application.

Of all the forms of embedding, the infused analytics model is experiencing the most growth. It makes analytics a core component of all software applications, so that it is impossible to tell the difference between an application and the embedded analytics content.

Just as B2C applications embed analytics as a natural part of the user experience and workflow, B2B applications will continue to move away from bolt-on approaches to more infused implementations. Users will simply be using their application – not two applications – to both inform and perform their work every day.

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