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Elemental Development

Creating BI Applications through Pre-built Elements

Elemental development is an approach to report-building introduced and used by insightsoftware. It consists in employing pre-built elements to create BI applications such as reports, analytics, dashboards, visualization features, etc. The elements are pre-defined within the development environment. Instead of hard-coding, the developer creating the BI application selects the predefined elements from a menu, organizes them in a parent-child hierarchy, then specifies attributes pertaining to them.

Elemental development: pre-built elements are used and arranged in a parent-child hierarchy by developers to efficiently create feature-rich BI applications.

For example, in the creation of a data-table, the developer would select a data-table element, a report-body element, then column elements rather than building these from scratch.

In addition to being pre-built, elements are reusable. There are a host of benefits to elemental development, first of which is perhaps productivity and speed in building BI applications.