Business Unusual: Prepare with Turnkey Microsoft Dynamics Reporting and Analytics

Weather the storm with fast, accurate reporting and deeper financial insights to optimize your cash flow, assess your readiness, and make time-critical decisions. Purchase Jet Reports or Jet Analytics today and get a 20% discount off the Foundation Package, plus a one-time 50% off order for Designers and Viewers.

It's No Time for Slow Reporting

To thrive in economic turmoil and uncertainty, you need a high level of visibility and adaptability that can’t be achieved if you are waiting on custom reports or struggling to access Microsoft Dynamics data.

insightsoftware can help get you the reporting flexibility, data access, and instant operational insight you need to make prompt decisions and adjust to changes in a turbulent market. For a limited time, we are offering our leading turnkey reporting, data management, and business intelligence solutions designed for Microsoft Dynamics at a significant discount. If you purchase Jet Reports or Jet Analytics today, you will get a 20% discount off the Foundation Package, plus a one-time 50% off all Designers and Viewers ordered at the same time.

Jet Reports

Fast, flexible financial and advanced business reporting inside of Excel, Power BI, and on the web.

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Jet Analytics

Corporate business intelligence and reporting delivering fast, accurate insights in Excel, Power BI, and on the web.

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What Jet Solution is Right for Your Business?

Both Jet Reports and Jet Analytics give you the data you need to gain deeper insight into your financial performance and operations. What you choose depends on your business, your people, and your goals. Learn more about what each solution has to offer.

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In Volatile Times, Cash is King

We’re no longer in the buoyant market we once were. During a recession, you need to focus on cash management and to free up as much capital as possible to support your business. To measure how much cash you have on hand, you must have the ability to analyze your accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventory. By upgrading to Jet Analytics, you can generate those detailed reports and dashboards in seconds, then drill down into other areas to fully understand your cash position.

How Business Intelligence Can Help to Better Manage Cash Flow

BI solutions, like Jet Analytics, are used to help companies automate cash flow analysis. They provide the tools you need to consolidate data, simplify cash flow forecasting, and accelerate decision making. Find out how.

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“Jet Analytics is a solution that the business is comfortable with. The information it presents is consistently valuable, has a real impact on business direction, and because it updates from our core systems every half hour, it keeps an accurate finger on the pulse of the company.”

Matt Tohill, GM of IT & Digital
Giltrap Group

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Get 20% Off the Jet Analytics Foundation + 50% Off Designers and Viewers

Start preparing your business with flexible financial reporting, automated cash flow analysis, and easily accessible analytics. Turnkey reporting, data management, and business intelligence built for Microsoft Dynamics is available at a fraction of the cost.

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Make Confident Decisions from the Right Data

While the ability to make timely, systematic business decisions in a recession is critical, having the data to do is the challenge most management teams are currently facing. We want to prepare your business with the financial reporting and critical analysis tools you need to get through these tumultuous times. If you purchase Jet Reports or Jet Analytics today, you get turnkey reporting and business intelligence built and made for Microsoft Dynamics with quick deployment and instant results at a significant discount.

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CFO Panel: How to Navigate Your Business Through Uncertainty

Hear from leading Finance executives and advisors about how they’re managing their businesses through this global pandemic and economic crisis. You will learn how they are maximizing their effectiveness and putting scenario models into action.

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Prepare Financial Readiness, Optimize Cash, and Manage Fixed Costs

The role of a CFO and their ability to generate forecasts, find insights, and provide guidance is critical to a company’s survival in a retracting market. They are responsible for assessing current financial performance, managing operating costs and cash flow, mitigating customer concentration risk, and ultimately, planning the next move. A turnkey reporting solution like Jet Reports or Jet Analytics provides the tools a CFO needs to consolidate data quickly and efficiently build financial reports and operational dashboards directly inside Excel or Power BI to gain a deep understanding of operations.

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Get 20% Off Jet Reports or Jet Analytics Today + 50% All Additional Users

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