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Construction Company Improve Their Decision Making Capabilities with Spreadsheet Server

Veit use Spreadhseet Server and benefit from improved access to live data to make strategic decisions.

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The business challenges that led Veit to evaluate and ultimately select Global Software, Inc.’s Spreadsheet Server:

  • Lacking access to real-time information
  • Creating reports in a timely manner
  • Combining/consolidating General Ledger (GL) and non-GL data from multiple ERP & relational database sources
  • Evaluated the following reporting tools before choosing Spreadsheet Server:
    • A Business Intelligence (BI) solution
    • A reporting tool packaged with ERP
  • Supplemental reporting tool used with Global Software Spreadsheet Server:
    • A data warehouse solution


  • Selected Spreadsheet Server over the competition because of the following:
    • Flexibility to connect to multiple systems and outside General Ledger
    • Capability to drill down to sub-ledger details
    • Excel-based Interface
    • Data security
    • Pricing
  • Uses Spreadsheet Server for Financial / General Ledger reporting and the following module:
  • Job Costing
  • Benefits received from Spreadsheet Server:
    • Faster, streamlined report creation
    • Faster access to live data to make strategic decisions
  • Reporting processes streamlined with Spreadsheet Server:
    • Data extraction from an ERP or relational database
    • Month-end close and management/board reporting packages
  • Action or business insight gained using Spreadsheet Server:
    • Increased their ability to complete tactical and complex analysis
  • Saved up to 50 hours in one year with Spreadsheet Server

“We no longer have to rely on the IT department to extract data from our ERP.”

Brian Volk Controller

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