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Global NAV Systems Manager Saves 20 Days Every Month with Efficient Reporting

TLC Marketing uses Jet Reports in every location around the world to monitor sales performance, define actions, and optimize business operations

Primary Tlc Marketing


As a fast-growing global promotions marketing agency, TLC Marketing needed a reporting solution to help standardize processes, improve data accuracy, and consolidate data from multiple locations. Due to growing volumes of data, consolidation was a time-consuming process and prone to many errors. Users varied from Oxbridge graduates to people just out of school, resulting in inconsistent data quality and regions operating in their own way. With big plans for growth, the company needed flexible reporting that was easy to adopt and customize to meet their changing requirements.


The decision was made to implement Jet Reports over other tools, as it was less expensive and didn’t require technical specialists. With multilingual, multicurrency, and multiple location data consolidation, as well as local reporting requirements for all departments, TLC was up and running on Jet Reports in just a few weeks. TLC uses Jet Reports for a variety of tasks from controlling campaign cost and risk and managing the customer journey and redemption, to forecasting sales and using conditional formatting to highlight problem areas. All 400 employees across 15 countries can create and tailor reports for different parts of the business quickly and accurately, without the need for technical involvement.  

 “We love Jet Reports. Our business would be lost without it!” 

“The savings across the business, from a BI perspective, is too large to realistically calculate. The whole organization is using Jet.”

Trushna Ganatra Global NAV Manager

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