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EEW Malaysia Was Looking to Generate Reports More Efficiently and Effectively

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EEW Malaysia is a leading specialist for the production of longitudinal double submerge arc welding (LSAW) steel pipes and pre-fabricated pipe components. The company supplies carbon steel linepipes, structural steel pipes and process pipings to the oil and gas industries from upstream and downstream and from offshore to onshore.

The Challenge

Retrieving data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV was impossible without the right report, but standard reports did not meet the output they wanted, explained Nik Mohd Fawaz bin Nik Ibrahim, IT manager, EEW Malaysia. For Nik Mohd Fawaz and his team, they needed to wait at least a day for their system partner to create new reports or fine tune the standard NAV reports.

For EEW Malaysia, this process was time consuming and required many hours for fine tuning, making the process expensive, as well. EEW Malaysia decided to look for a reporting solution that could better suit their needs.

Building to Success with Jet Reports

EEW Malaysia turned to Jet Reports, from insightsoftware, for faster more efficient reporting. Since implementation, Nik Mohd Fawaz explained that Jet Reports has become an important tool in their reporting process, helping his team instantly retrieve the data they need to produce reports to meet their specific business requirements. There is “no need to wait for our system partner to produce the report, we can do it by ourselves instantly by using Jet Reports,” said Nik Mohd Fawaz. Most reports can now be made within 30 minutes, making data easily usable when it is most needed.

EEW Malaysia also finds a benefit in the versatility of Jet Reports. “Whenever our users need a report, Jet Reports will help us to fulfill the needs,” said Nik Mohd Fawaz. He explained that with Jet Reports, his team can immediately create reports based on user needs. This means that EEW Malaysia now has no problem creating different report layouts even from the same NAV tables–and this is made easier thanks to the quick turnaround time enabled by Jet Reports. Jet Reports allows EEW Malaysia to adapt reporting to meet the company’s needs.

Navigating Success

EEW Malaysia has seen a number of improvements as a result of implementing Jet Reports, including:

  • Reports that used to take more than a day are now created in under 30 minutes.
  • No longer dependent on their system partner, they own and control report creation.
  • Versatility to create reports that fit their specific needs.

“We can create unlimited reports without worrying about cost.”

Nik Mohd Fawaz IT Manager

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