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Independent SAP Consultant

Flexible, Efficient, Mass Financial Uploads with Process Runner GLSU

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Independent SAP consultant George Khatcherian works with customers across a wide range of industries including chemical, manufacturing, pharmacy, ministry of defense, and utilities. A chartered management accountant by trade, Khatcherian was introduced to SAP when assisting with a customer’s ERP implementation. Focused on the full spectrum of Finance functionality, he has assisted customers as an SAP consultant with system implementation on both the business and finance sides.


When clients upgrade to SAP, Khatcherian helps them evaluate present and future financial needs during implementation, identifies any gaps within SAP functionality, and then builds a solution that best meets those needs.

“For Finance, there is always a requirement for mass journal uploads to SAP,” says Khatcherian. Although consultants can identify the tool needed, map templates to be read in SAP, and develop a solution to meet identified needs, building such a tool costs time and money. Additionally, it does not address future needs and offers no real flexibility to adapt by changing fields or columns. “It takes a lot of effort and imposes limitations on how the business can use the tool,” Khatcherian notes.


Khatcherian was introduced to Magnitude (then Z Option) by his client, who had seen a demo of Process Runner GLSU (formerly Z Option GLSU). The client asked whether a built solution would offer the same functionality for the same cost as a long-term solution like GLSU. “Although the client was happy with the GLSU functionality, they needed reassurance it would not have an adverse impact on SAP, and that ownership costs were aligned to a (custom-built) solution. After I saw what GLSU could do, I advised them to purchase GLSU,” Khatcherian says. “The initial cost was less, and its usability offered a great deal of ‘future-proofing.’”

Khatcherian wrote a step-by-step guide for creating templates in GLSU, and he became the main point of contact for training and support until the conclusion of the client’s SAP implementation. “They loved using GLSU and adopted it as their main way to enter journals,” he adds. Years later, they are still using it.

When a second customer began looking for ways to do mass financial uploads, Khatcherian again recommended GLSU. “When I go to a client,” Khatcherian notes, “if they’re having a problem with mass uploads, then GLSU is always a viable option to consider.”


Reduces the Learning Curve

Since it’s Excel-based, GLSU is very familiar to anyone in finance. “You can create many lines in one journal, which is much friendlier than SAP,” Khatcherian says. “It’s as easy as feeding the data into the upload spreadsheet, putting in the date, and pressing a button to upload.”

Built-in Error Validation

The validation check ensures the numbers will balance prior to batch upload, so the time-consuming process of finding the balance errors in SAP is eliminated. “GLSU offers such efficiency and process improvement,” Khatcherian says. “It finds any errors very quickly and easily.”

Flexible and Adaptable

According to Khatcherian, the biggest differentiator for GLSU is its ability to combine any combination of fields, handle multiple journals in the same worksheet, and manage customers or vendors all in the same file. “GLSU provides all the key financial table fields into Excel,” he notes. “So if I want to create a journal, I simply select any field or line item detail to create a template, which means the same spreadsheet can be used to upload anything that is finance related. That is a very big plus to what we could build, which is based on specific requirements and doesn’t offer that flexibility.”

Up and Running with Dependable Support

“By the time I leave the client, they are familiar with the product,” Khatcherian says. “After that, they can go directly to Magnitude for support, which is something Magnitude always makes so easy.”


Khatcherian says SAP clients are looking for easy-to-use tools with consistent results. He recommends GLSU for large uploads, for clients with limited access to SAP, and those who have difficult input requirements. “I believe it is the ideal solution for what it does,” he states simply. “Any customer I work with is potentially a candidate for GLSU,” he says. “It can be installed in any SAP environment, whether on the existing platform, a new implementation, or an upgrade. It will work for them, even if they already had an upload tool.”

Magnitude allows trial installations to facilitate further investigation of GLSU. Once consultants use and understand GLSU, “they will recommend it,” Khatcherian says.

“Magnitude is a great company, and GLSU is a great tool. It’s already developed, it’s proven, and it makes a good impression – ensuring maximum customer satisfaction at minimum effort for the consultant.”

SAP is dynamic, my clients’ businesses are dynamic, and they need dynamic tools like GLSU. I evaluated other tools, but they are not even close to what GLSU offers.

George Khatcherian Independent SAP Consultant

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