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Mexican Food Chain Replaces Discoverer with Hubble and Sees Major Efficiency Improvements

By leveraging the simplicity of Hubble, Mexican food chain Chipotle no longer takes months to build reports, and the IT department can focus on doing its job



With extended support for Oracle Discoverer coming to an end in 2017 for Chipotle, sustaining support kicked in. However, sustaining support doesn’t provide nearly the amount of support that extended support did: No more new patches were due to be released. If the company were to be hit by a bug, it would have a significant problem on its hands.

Other shortcomings of sustaining support include the lack of:

  • Certification with most existing Oracle products/versions
  • Certification with most existing third-party products/versions
  • Software and operating system updates
  • New alerts and scripts

These downgrades in support all pointed to something fairly obvious: It was time to move away from Oracle Discoverer to a financial reporting solution that was secure, stable, and met the company’s business reporting needs.

When Chipotle looked at various solutions to replace Oracle Discoverer, decision makers appreciated how Hubble put the ERP data directly in the hands of the users who needed it the most. They decided to move forward with Hubble.


As a result of moving to Hubble, Chipotle was able to whittle down from 200 Oracle Discoverer reports to 50 Hubble reports. Hubble allows users to analyze the data the way they need, giving them more flexibility.

Chipotle was able to go live on the first day, with employees building up to 15 reports on that day alone. Instead of spending time on formatting reports, analysts now spend their time actually analyzing information.

Because the end-users had the ability to create reports themselves, they were able to take Hubble to the next level and continue improving processes by building reports that they never had the ability to in the past.

It no longer takes months to build reports, so the IT department can focus on doing its job. Furthermore, there are enough power users at the company so that if one person leaves, others could still use the financial reporting solution.

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