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Footwear and Textile Company Drives Automation with GL Wand

Aigle put an end to manual reporting with reporting tool GL Wand, and now boasts a flexible and easy reporting process that reduced the potential for errors

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Like many companies that rely on the SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Aigle was concerned that reporting from SAP can be time consuming and difficult. According to Florent Perrinelle, Asia IT and Project Manager at the company, the move to SAP meant ending their association with their previous software provider, Sage. “The software offered by Sage was closely aligned to Excel and worked really well for us, so it was a natural concern to have,” he said.

“We therefore knew that it was critical to find a tool that could assist us in bridging this gap. We conducted the necessary research online and soon settled on GL Wand. We also evaluated a competitive product. However, GL Wand was selected for its ease of use and deeper integration with SAP. We also didn’t consider any SAP products, as I already knew that they do not offer something similar directly for the ERP layer.”


“GL Wand from insightsoftware is ideal as it enables us to retrieve the relevant data from SAP without needing any additional IT implementations conducted to make it work properly,” said Perrinelle.

Furthermore, he added, the new solution is particularly user friendly and reduces time needed to produce effective financial reports.

Aigle Hong Kong rolled out its GL Wand solution in 2015 and, according to Perrinelle, the staff are happy with it.

“We have a very small team—only five people in our finance department—so we do not use it as extensively as some larger enterprises might, but it’s proven to be a solution that’s easy to use and simple to understand; our people have had no trouble with it. Ultimately, success with GL Wand depends upon the user’s ability to understand and work in Excel. Our people all have strong Excel skills and have been able to use it intuitively, and with little training required.”

“GL Wand exceeded our initial project brief, which was to simply maintain the status quo. This tool allows us to do even more than expected, and, as such, it became the obvious choice.”

Florent Perrinelle Asia IT and Project Manager

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