Travel Light on Your Cloud Migration to Business Central with Jet

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May 13, 2022

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As the need for greater interactivity and data access increases, more and more companies are making the move to adopt cloud computing. Microsoft is investing in and pushing customers towards its cloud ERP offering, Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC), which is experiencing a staggering 200% annual growth rate.

But the significant hurdles posed by cloud migration can make it a daunting task to consider. Installing a new system, migrating legacy data, and training employees are challenges that take valuable time away from revenue generating activity. The good news is this needn’t be the case. There are simple strategies and intuitive technology that can turn your cloud migration into more of a leisurely stroll in the park.

A Simple ERP Upgrade

As an existing Microsoft Dynamics customer, migrating to BC doesn’t require you to reinvent the wheel. By using software from the same ERP vendor, you can streamline data and easily upgrade from your on-premises Microsoft Dynamics ERP to Business Central to take full advantage of the cloud. Benefits include:

  • Streamlined tasks
  • Improved sales processes
  • Easier management of suppliers and inventory
  • Access to data from a single source of truth

Simplify Your Migration with Jet

insightsoftware’s Jet suite of products can smooth out the migration process. Jet Reports provides advanced operational and financial reporting within Excel, allowing you to generate timely, accurate financial reports in a familiar format. Jet makes it easier to move to BC by:

  • Providing report portability. Any number of legacy NAV reports created in Jet Reports can be immediately ported over and plugged in to BC. For new users, there’s a learning curve that requires user training, especially when entering and reporting on data. If you integrate Jet before migration, reporting users will be able to interact with your new BC ERP from within a familiar platform, greatly reducing your total cost of ownership.
  • Eliminating roadblocks of switching to the cloud. We hear about the monetary costs of upgrading to the cloud, but the time investment is an equally important detail to consider. You don’t want your BAU reporting tasks to slip while employees adjust to their changed working environment. Jet streamlines your reporting and keeps the wheels spinning during migration, so you don’t have to miss a beat when it comes time for month-end close.

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How Data Warehouses Can Help

Jet Analytics provides easy corporate analytics to help your business make informed, data-based decisions. It allows you easily create and maintain a complete data warehouse solution with very little effort.

Companies that make the transition to the cloud want to take their legacy data from NAV with them and migrate it to BC. It’s a cumbersome process that doesn’t always go seamlessly, especially when it comes to re-organizing data to prepare it for the transition. Jet Analytics assists with cloud migration by:

  • Creating a data warehouse. Data from NAV sits within the data warehouse and can be combined with information in Business Central for reporting. This ability to connect multiple data sources via the one platform is especially useful when you’re migrating some departments, like finance, while keeping others, like HR, on-prem.
  • Removing the need to migrate legacy data over. Porting information can be a painful and expensive process. By housing it within a data warehouse, it effectively eliminates the need to validate and migrate your legacy data into BC, while still giving you the flexibility to draw accurate data from multiple locations.

It can be challenging for organizations to adopt new processes and cloud migration is no exception. But by leveraging new technology and creating greater interoperability between locations and systems, you can greatly reduce the time and effort involved. Jet Reports and Analytics smooth out the process by streamlining reporting, saving time, and creating a single location to access all your mission-critical data.

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