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Choosing a PIM: What to Watch for

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Already on the hunt for a Product Information Management solution? We recommend the following steps to ensure a thorough product evaluation and a clear road map for your product information journey.

Choosing a PIM

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The Product Information Management provider field is crowded with many competitors vying for business from companies seeking a PIM product. For the seekers, the process of evaluating and choosing a PIM software can be daunting. Even the first steps — knowing one’s needs and what questions to ask — require careful thought.

As a high-level general guide, a company shopping for a PIM should take these steps:

  • Assemble the decision makers — The core team will typically consist of the CMO, the CTO and their key lieutenants. Cross-functional expertise is critical because not everyone “speaks IT” and a group is less likely to overlook an important factor.
  • Consult stakeholders — Content developers, your analytics team, vendors, designers, other end users. Ask: What do you need in a product information management solution?
  • Identify the Dream State — What ideally will the PIM be able to do for the company?
  • Define a Set a budget — Consider the initial and future costs associated with on-boarding a new solution including: training, implementation, reoccurring licenses, ongoing support, and managed services.
  • Narrow down the field — Close to 80% of research is done online. Try to narrow down your list of potential PIM providers to 3-5 maximum. Remember, not every PIM is a good fit in all cases.
  • Ask the Hard Questions — A PIM (like a puppy) is for life, so make sure you get a feel for the depth of people as well as the product.

The ideal PIM provider will be able to:

  • Discuss whether PIM is right for your business
  • Help your team develop a ROI for a product information management solution
  • Demonstrate how easy the PIM system is to use.
  • Explain how the PIM will interface with existing systems.
  • Demonstrate scalability to meet future needs.
  • Explain how data transfer into PIM will happen
  • Map a timeline for completion.
  • Explain basic PIM functionality and options.
  • Demonstrate how the PIM feeds output channels (print, web, other).
  • Explain ongoing support after the installation.
  • Provide references from clients who previously purchased the PIM.

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