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Managing A Never-Ending Product Enrichment Cycle Costs Time And Sales

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You Struggle Keeping Up with Supplier

Dealing with product data coming from suppliers, sent in various formats and often incomplete is tedious and error prone, slowing down your ability to bring products to market quickly (and ahead of competitors). The process takes time away from higher value merchandizing activities.

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Managing Never-ending Product Enrichment Is Hard

Does enriching product information feel like a never-ending pursuit? Is set-it-and-forget-it keeping popular products from flying off your (virtual) shelves. Keeping up with new as well as existing product information can feel like a vicious cycle without the proper tools.

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You Struggle to Share the Big Picture Across All Channels

Getting that last mile of merchandizing is probably the hardest in the race to multi-channel marketing. What works in one channel or location does not necessarily translate to another. Trying to customize the experience at the near customer level is impossible if you're dealing with the wrong tools.

Agility PIM enables global brands and retailers to create an omnichannel experience for their customers

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Keep Up with Supplier Data

Onboarding product data from suppliers and brands can be a laborious process involving manual data management in Excel spreadsheets—an extremely time consuming, repetitive, and error prone process. It leaves your team frustrated and constantly under pressure.

Take control of your product information journey with PIM and:

  • Achieve greater new product throughput and better resource utilization
  • Drive up product data quality and completeness with automation
  • Free up Merchandisers and Category Managers to plan better promotions and deliver more business benefit
  • Get to market faster
  • Create a happier, more motivated team
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Create Channel-Specific Portfolios & Content

Serving each channel with the relevant product assortment, channel-appropriate attributes and messaging is often a layer of complexity retailers cannot afford given staffing and deadlines. This can be error-prone, time consuming and, quite simply, overwhelming for most merchandising teams. Attempting to do this using traditional Microsoft Office tools is slow and inefficient and could potentially introduce mistakes and bad data into your content.

Take control of your product information journey with PIM and:

  • Improve engagement and ultimately conversion rates with more relevant assortments for individual channels/touchpoints
  • Personalize and target messaging to further improve engagement and conversion rates
  • Get to market faster
  • Reduce internal production costs for each channel
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Translate & Localize without Slowing Launches & Campaigns

It’s a great feeling when your product content is complete and approved in your home market/master language. But what processes do you use to localize the context and translate it? Managing translations in-house can be even slower, and accuracy and brand voice can be compromised. Streamlining this process and managing content enrichment, localization, and translation concurrently will vastly improve time to market and provide that competitive edge you are looking for.

Take control of your product information journey with PIM and:

  • Save valuable time and reduce the internal costs of localization and translation
  • Build a translation memory to reduce your costs even further
  • Spend time achieving better, more accurate local contexts
  • Increase conversion rates through better, more accurate context and translation
  • Localize and translate concurrently, speeding time to market
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Break Down Product Analytics Siloes

You’ve got web analytics, recommended purchase data, up-to-date inventory figures, and last month’s sales and margin stats. If only you could harmonize that information and make it easy to mine to deliver solid insights. Merchandising would be so much easier if your analytics were helping you to predict what to do next. Quite simply, you’re missing opportunities and spending too much time trying to get the insights you need.

Take control of your product information journey with PIM and:

  • Aggregate all your product analytics into a single data-cube for mining
  • Make better decisions on product presentation, assortments, discounts, and bundles etc., with a single analytics dashboard
  • Maximize your merchandising efforts to increase sales and avoid situations
  • Stop wasting time on operational activities such as data collection and spend more time merchandising
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Did you know?

86% of customers are unlikely to buy products from a brand after an experience with incomplete or inaccurate product information

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Did you know?
86% of customers are unlikely to buy products from a brand after an experience with incomplete or inaccurate product information.

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