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Is Your Product Data Lacking A Single Source of Truth? 

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Does Creating and Managing Product Information Slow Your Ability to Bring New Products to Market

Sometimes the last mile of the new product introduction journey is the longest. Capturing and validating your product description, details, secs and every other detail you or your channel partners require takes longer than necessary, forcing some to jump the line and publish products without all the data in place. brief, pain point summary.

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Providing the Right Product Information
for All Your Channels
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Do you sell direct as well as through a number of channels? Introducing one product across various channels can seem to mushroom out of control leaving you with incomplete data or worse, just late to market. There is an easier way than relying on channel portals and Excel spreadsheets to unify data across channels

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Customizing Your Products for in Local Markets Sounds Great Until You See What’s Involved

If creating rich product information for your direct customers and all your channels seems daunting without proper tools, then compounding that with the need to localize by nuancing languages, sizes specs and more can seem impossible. Still, you have to be competitive in local markets.

Looking To Take Control of Your Product Information Journey?

Get New Products to Market Faster

Completing product information with rich descriptions, full attribution and multiple digital assets is often done on-the-fly as products are finalized for launch. Small teams with limited resources just cannot keep up with the demand for product content and are forced into publishing products before they are 100% buyer ready. Publishing incomplete product listings and correcting and enriching on-the-fly leads to errors, lowers conversion rates and ultimately affects revenue and margins.

Take control of your product information journey with Agility PIM and:

  • Get your products to market faster
  • Increase conversion rates thanks to more complete and compelling content
  • Automate enrichment based on business rules to expedite processes
  • Gain greater visibility into product data quality and completeness
  • Meet regulatory requirements to reduce risk
  • Continuously improve brand loyalty with trustworthy data
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Create Channel-Specific Portfolios & Customized Product Content

Serving both online and offline channels with the relevant product assortment, channel-appropriate attributes and messaging adds an extra layer of complexity for manufacturers. Many organizations cannot afford to dedicate the required resources and staffing to meet content and delivery deadlines. Manual processes can be error-prone, extremely time consuming and, quite simply, overwhelming for most marketing teams. Attempting to manage product information in-house using traditional Microsoft Office tools is not only slow and inefficient, but also could potentially introduce mistakes and bad data into your product content.

Take control of your product information journey with a proper PIM and:

  • Improve engagement and conversion rates, and ultimately increase sales, with more relevant assortments for individual channels/distributors
  • Personalize and target your messaging to further improve engagement and conversion rates
  • Get your products to market faster
  • Reduce internal production costs for each marketing channel
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Translate & Localize Without Slowing Launches & Campaigns

It’s a great feeling when your product content is complete and approved in your home market/master language. But what processes do you use to localize the context and translate it to support global sales? Managing translations in-house can be slow and inefficient, and accuracy and brand voice can also be compromised. Streamlining this process by managing content enrichment, localization, and translation concurrently in one integrated platform will vastly improve time to market and help provide the ultimate competitive edge you are looking for.

Take control of your product information journey with PIM and:

  • Save valuable time and reduce the internal costs of localization and translation
  • Build a translation memory to reduce your costs even further
  • Spend time achieving better, more accurate local contexts
  • Increase conversion rates through better, more accurate context and translation
  • Localize and translate concurrently, speeding time to market
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Are You Ready for a Product Information Management Solution?

Our 3-minute PIM Readiness Assessment can show you the potential value a PIM solution can bring to your company.

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Agility PIM Provides Global Manufacturers the Ability to Output Product Information from a Single Source of Truth

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Did you know?
86% of customers are unlikely to buy products from a brand after an experience with incomplete or inaccurate product information.

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