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Are Your Graphic Design Teams Drowning In Effort That Isn't Design?

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Are Tedious Workflow Repetitions Slowing Your Design

Let’s face it, last-minute changes are a constant bugaboo for designers. Keeping your product data consistent wherever the product is presented is painstaking and error prone. Inconsistent product descriptions confuse customers - which can lead to lost sales. Creating individual layouts is repetitious work, requiring excess time making it harder to meet catalog production timelines.

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Are Your Graphic Design Teams Drowning in Effort That Isn’t Design?

Do they spend hours copying and pasting from Excel spreadsheets to update product information, manually trawling through network drives looking for images, and chasing down colleagues to get final pricing or approvals?

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Would Your Design Teams Like to Stay Focused in

If your design team are spending too much time moving back and forth between different programs, this can slow down performance and increase frustration. Design teams would prefer to stay focused in InDesign and have the data flow to them.

Learn How To Update Adobe InDesign Catalogs Automatically with Agility PIM Connector

Agility PIM Connector for InDesign: Menu

With Agility, designers work within their native environment—they simply have a new Agility menu in their InDesign menu bar. This allows designers to access content within Agility PIM and easily execute batch processes, like price merges and index generation.

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Agility PIM Connector InDesign: Events Palette

With the Agility Connector for InDesign, additional elements from Agility PIM are presented to users in the form of palettes, which can be docked like InDesign panels. The Events Palette allows designers to browse catalogs and other publications in Agility.

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Agility PIM Connector InDesign: Built Page

A simple drag-and-drop action will flow products from the PIM to the page—fully formatted with defined paragraph and character styles. Designers don’t need to worry about mundane formatting—they can focus on the effectiveness of the design.

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Agility PIM Connector InDesign: Refresh All Attributes

With the Agility PIM Connector for InDesign, your product content is not just a snapshot of a point in time. With its continual connection to the PIM database, designers can view content changes and to decide which attributes to refresh on the page.

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