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As the manufacturing industry enters the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” driven by digital technologies spread across the factory floor and throughout the supply chain, adequate isn’t acceptable any longer. Manufacturers will need to embrace new standards for efficiency, productivity, and, perhaps most importantly, financial precision. Reaping the rewards of new technology while thriving in the midst of highly-disruptive, ultra-competitive market conditions will take a careful, constant focus on financial performance. Anything less than a perfect understanding of the facts on the ground (as expressed through key performance indicators) exposes a manufacturer to unnecessary risks that complicate its 21st-century transformation.

How can manufacturers get the up-to-date, on-demand insights they need, especially with so many other outsized obligations to manage at the same time? At insightsoftware, we tackled that issue head-on. Our purpose-built financial reporting tools pair with KPI dashboards that automatically update the numbers in real time. Manufacturing leaders don’t have to wait or search for the metrics they need. More importantly, they don’t have to make fateful decisions (about investing in tech, managing debt, M&A, controlling labor costs, etc) without the best information directly at their fingertips. Our tools can’t ensure the right outcome, but they can provide guidance to get there.

Experience how our manufacturing KPIs dashboard works firsthand. Download an interactive dashboard of your own. You can plug in numbers to see how small changes and ongoing updates keep your financial perspective trained in all the right directions. Get your free dashboard here!

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