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Information on Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies


Effective date: August 12, 2022

This Cookie Policy describes how GS Topco GP, LLC, including its subsidiaries and affiliates, doing business as insightsoftware (“insightsoftware” or “us” or “we”), uses cookies and similar technologies on our website.

Information We Collect

When you visit our website, our web server will temporarily record certain information from the device used to access our website, including the domain name or IP address of the requesting computer, the access date, the file request of the client (file name and URL), the website from which you are visiting us, the number of bytes transferred during the connection and, if applicable, other technical information that we use to evaluate the implementation of our website’s use.

It is necessary to store and process the information referred to above for the duration of your session so we can deliver our website content to your computer. We also store some of this information in the log files of our servers.

This information processing helps technically implement our website’s use and makes our website as user-friendly, safe and attractive as possible while promoting insightsoftware’s products and services. We also use the data described above to profile you by forming conclusions about your interests based on your use and adapting our website according to your interests.

For further information on the legal bases on which we rely to collect, use and process information about you, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Cookies, Analysis and Tracking

We use cookies and other technologies to collect and process the data described above. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer’s hard drive, which are accessed by our server when you visit our website. Other technologies include tags, pixels, web beacons, JavaScript, links in emails, device IDs and similar technologies, which are stored on your hard drive until they expire and collect non-personal or aggregate information used to enhance your experience and gather usage and performance data.

Additional details about cookies and similar technologies, which hereafter will together be called “Cookies,” are described below:

Types of Cookies

All Cookies are either:

  • Session Cookies: Cookies that are temporarily stored in your browser during a browser session. They typically store session identification information and have no further personal information identifying you. Session Cookies are also called transient Cookies.
  • Persistent Cookies: Cookies that are stored on your hard drive until they expire according to their expiration dates or until you delete them. Persistent Cookies are utilized to collect identifying information, such as web surfing behavior or user preferences, for a specific website. Persistent Cookies are also called permanent or stored Cookies.

On our website, we employ the following types of Cookies:

  • Required Cookies,
  • Functionality Cookies, and
  • Advertising Cookies.

These Cookies are a mixture of first-party Cookies, that we set ourselves (in this case, insightsoftware), and third-party Cookies, that are set by any other party.

Cookie Functions

We use Cookies across our website to improve the website’s performance and enhance the user experience for the following functions:

  • Personalization – To enhance the website experience. For example, a Cookie will remember your language preference.
  • Session Management – To ensure your session is maintained when you access different website pages, so information is routed correctly during the duration of your visit.
  • Usage Tracking – To provide analysis of our users’ ongoing usage of our website, so we can update our website according to our users’ interests and facilitate ongoing improvements to our website.
  • Multivariate Testing – To display multiple versions of a page to users to assess which version generates the best user experience.
  • Advertising – To display advertising content depending on location, language and a user’s past browsing history.

Required Cookies

We use Cookies that are strictly necessary to allow you to access our websites, to move between pages and to receive services you requested. The types of data collected are session identifier, IP address, when available, a computer host name, geographic location, time of visit, webpage URL, referring website, and security tokens (for authentication and information submission, like RFP forms).

Functionality Cookies

We use functionality Cookies to remember your preferences. These Cookies recall your customized preferences by remembering your desired language when you access our website.

This allows us to provide a high-quality experience by tailorizing our offerings and quickly fixing website issues that arise. We may use functionality Cookies to track which pages are most popular, which method of linking between pages is most effective and to determine why some webpages receive error messages.

Advertising Cookies

We, along with our partners and advertisers, use Cookies to collect information about your use of our website and to display ads relevant to you and your interests. Our third-party advertisers and partners may also analyze the Cookie data to provide advertisements to you on third-party websites.

We collaborate with advertisers to display our ads on third-party websites based on the Cookies set on your visit to our website. Advertising Cookies may track your responses to particular ads to ensure you see the most relevant ads in the future on third-party websites.

The types of data that advertising Cookies use includes online identifiers including Cookie identifiers, IP addresses and device identifiers, imprecise location data (based on your IP address) or precise location data (if you have set your system to allow transmission of geolocation information), and client identifiers.

Advertising Cookies collect data on how products and services trend with certain demographics of users, show ads to users who have searched for similar products and services and select certain words or phrases to target users most likely to engage with our website.

When our partners and advertisers collect data on our website or use information we provide to them for their services, we are not in control of this data. Our partners and advertisers also do not process this data for us. As a result, our partners and advertisers control this data and their data protection policies solely apply to their processing of this data.

Opting Out of Cookies

To opt out of the collection of personal information as part of the Google DoubleClick services (and personalization across Google partner websites and google search), visit: www.google.com/ads/preferences/html/opt-out.html. Further information on how Google uses information is located here: https://policies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites.

To opt-out of personalized advertisements on your social media account or newsfeed and for more information on how these social media platforms use your information, visit:

How to Control Cookies on our Website

When you visit our website, you are notified of the use of Cookies and asked to provide your consent for Cookies that are not strictly necessary for us to deliver the website to you. You can change your consent preferences regarding the use of Cookies by selecting the “Cookie Settings” button located at the bottom of our webpage.

You can also prevent or restrict the storage of Cookies on your hard disk by configuring your browser settings to not to accept Cookies or to request your permission before setting any Cookies. Once Cookies have been set, you can delete them at any time. We recommend that you refer to your browser’s operating instructions to learn more about how to configure your browser settings and how to delete Cookies. If you do not accept Cookies, this may lead to restrictions in the use of our website and our services.

Pixels aka web beacons/web bugs/java script

We may use pixels to record and track users on our website. Pixels can record technical information about your interactions on our website, help deliver cookies on our website and tally the visiting users on our website. We may also utilize pixels in our promotional emails and newsletters to determine whether you open or act upon the messages. Pixels are graphics approximately the size of a period at the end of a sentence that contain unique identifiers to track specific online actions, movements and related user information. Unlike cookies, which are stored on a user’s computer hard drive, pixels are embedded invisibly on webpages and in HTML-based emails. The data we receive from pixels allows us to target different user populations and optimize external ads on third-party websites.

Use of Analytics Providers

We use Google Analytics (“Analytics Provider“) to collect website traffic information, demographic information and interest-level information from users that visit our website. Our Analytics provider gathers data about the webpages where users enter and exit our website, the webpages users view on our website, time spent, browser, operating system and IP address.

Cookies allow our Analytics Provider to recognize an individual user when the user visits our website and visits other websites. Our Analytics Provider uses the information it collects from our website and other websites to share with us and with other website operators. The shared information includes data about users, including the age range, gender, geographic regions, general interests and details about devices used to visit our website, used to visit other websites and used to purchase items.

For more information regarding Google’s use of Cookies, and collection and use of information, see the Google Privacy Policy, available at: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en.

Disabling and Opt-out

You may refuse the use of Cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, however, if you do this, you may not be able to use our website’s full functionality. If you would like to opt out of Google Analytics tracking, visit the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on, available here: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

How often will this Cookie Policy be updated?

insightsoftware reserves the right to modify any part of this Policy from time to time to reflect changes to our legal obligations and company policies. insightsoftware will alert you to any change to this Policy by indicating the date it was last updated at the top of the first page.

Where can I get more information?

If you have any questions about our Cookie Policy, please email us at [email protected]. Below are the Cookies that we use:

Cookie Name Cookie Type
CookieConsentPolicy Required
_an_uid Required
_ga Required
_gd############# Required
cookietest Required
RandSessID Required
_an_uid Required
CookieConsentPolicy Required
force-proxy-stream Required
force-stream Required
RandSessID Required
renderCtx Required
sfdc-stream Required
__utma Required
LSKey-c$CookieConsentPolicy Functionality
_gid Functionality
sliguid Functionality
_gid Functionality
LSKey-c$CookieConsentPolicy Functionality
sfdc-stream Functionality
sliguid Functionality
#1001 Homepage Big Redesign Functionality
#1003 Homepage Email+CTA Functionality
#1101 PLPs Functionality
__q_domainTest Functionality
__tld__ Functionality
_gid Functionality
_mkto_trk Advertising
slirequested Advertising
wisepops Advertising
AnalyticsSyncHistory Advertising
JSESSIONID Advertising
visitor_id Advertising
visitor_id##### Advertising
visitor_id Advertising
visitor_id##### Advertising
BrowserId Advertising
BrowserId_sec Advertising
slirequested Advertising
_hjIncludedInPageviewSample Advertising
_hjIncludedInSessionSample Advertising
_hjSessionRejected Advertising
_ga Advertising
_gat_UA- Advertising
slirequested Advertising