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Information Delivery

Information delivery is a core functionality in any embedded analytics application. Improving how data is presented to business users is often the main reason software providers want to take on an embedded analytics project. In addition to satisfying users’ informational needs, the look and feel of these capabilities should align with the style of the embedding application.

Information delivery typically includes the following capabilities:

  • Dashboards and data visualizations: A range of visualizations, such as charts, gauges, heat maps, and geographic maps, enables users to quickly draw conclusions and monitor key performance indicators. These can be presented in the context of a single chart or in a collection of visualizations in a dashboard.
  • Reports: This is a tabular display of data, often with numerical figures and grouped within categories. Interactivity can include drop-downs and filters for users to view specific slices of data.
  • Mobile: Capabilities are made available to users on mobile devices, ensuring accurate visual display of information as well as compatibility with mobile device features such as touch input.
  • Scheduling and exports: Dashboards and reports can be scheduled for delivery, used in conjunction with thresholds/alerts, or exported to other formats for printing or offline access.