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Use a consolidation solution more adaptable and flexible than SAP FC in order to meet external growth challenges

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Thanks to accelerated growth within its market, Seqens Group has acquired several companies in the past few years. To meet the challenges of this external expansion, Seqens Group wanted a more adaptable and flexible consolidation application. A long-time customer of SAP FC, in 2015, Seqens made the decision to switch to Conso & Report, a cloud-based consolidation solution developed by Viareport.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Reduced costs
  • Version upgrades included
  • Improved user experience
  • Easy adoption
  • Technical and functional support
  • Complementary innovations

Employees: 3200

and 40 subsidiaries

Thanks to cloud computing, we now enjoy enhanced usability. The user interface is much more modern and user-friendly as compared with SAP FC. Users find it easier to browse through Conso & Report.

EMILIE BLAIN Seqens Group’s Head of Consolidation

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